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PHP Realestate Script

Eicra Real Estate is a multi-purpose classifieds listing script that will meet requirements of property agents, brokers and estate Realtors. Anybody in the real-estate / realty business will find this software very useful to manage your rental properties, units, applications, leases and tenants. This Real Estate Script is written in PHP / My-SQL provides a complete Real Estate Portal Development Solutions to Real Estate Agencies, Real Estate Agents/Brokers & Professionals.

This Real Estate Manager is a complete software solution that will save your money, time and effort. And most importantly, it will boost your online real estate business and guarantee its success! The Real Estate Script is a fully scalable turn-key PHP MySQL Real Estate. Charge members to list ads or run in free mode. Best of all. The Real Estate Script comes pre-loaded with different real estate types and a FREE installation wizard!

Each page within Real-estate CMS application is made up blocks of content known as widgets. These widgets can be ordered and resized using the built-in Layout Editor. Eicra Real-estate CMS supports a module system combining both core modules and built-in modules like advertising management system, poll, tag, upload, etc.

Displaying your products on an ordinary website template often inhibits the client and investor interaction because of its generic and limiting features. Considering the nature of real estate business, it is important for any website dealing in the same to have the following features among others. Our real estate script has the ability to post adverts, flexible management console, unlimited categories, ability to update information from anywhere and a reliable client support system among others.

Ability to Post Adverts At Will

Our real estate classified listing script for property has a feature that allows the user to place adverts on site as the demand arises. This is essential because real estate involves regular adverts considering that clients need to have as many options to choose from as possible. Adverts do not only help the website visitors but the owner as well. If you decide to place adverts at a price, it can earn you some income while still driving the necessary traffic to your site.

A Flexible Management Console

Flexible management console is a very good feature especially if you are not an experienced web developer. Many website owners want to have sites they can manage easily without having to constantly rely on professional programmers for each and every detail they want to add or remove from site. Without a reliable and easy to use console, this becomes a major challenge for less experienced website owners. It could also raise the cost of running the website significantly. This is a feature that we take real pride in having.

The template has unlimited categories

Sometimes it is not easy to predict how many categories you might want to have on site. As the site becomes more popular, you realize you need more categories to display more information. For that purpose, the script comes with the option to add as many categories as you may consider fit. This makes it very flexible and easy to navigate through.

More Features

Features to keep one step ahead

User Friendly
Quick and Easy Wizard for Installation. Anyone can install this script!,You can easily create, customize the layout of your site like never before through a visual tool called Layout Editor very easy and convenient. Layout Editor allows you to not only drag, drop but also configure the widgets as well as preview the layout of the site..

" Eicra Realestate Script is a Robust, feature rich, fast and flexible web application framework to build sites exactly how you want with Zero restrictions. "

CMS Driven
Our first job is to work out exactly what we want our content management system (CMS) to do. You will have the features to self managing homepage, the article listing editing and managing pages, listing all articles and images. :)

" Super-simple templates in regular HTML/CSS/JS (any lib you want). It's feature rich CMS driven web application under Zend Framework that fully supports to Web 2.0 Ajax technology. "

You can upload images and video clips. Use helpers from upload module, you can upload multiple images at the same time. Thumbnails were generated automatically. You can organize photos, clips by set. Each set can consist of many photos, and a photo may belong to various sets.

" Using our 'Product Gallery' of our application, you can manage and present relevant graphics in visually appealing manner. "

Voting , Reviews & Ratings
The Application has in built PHP voting extension that lets users vote/un-vote on items on your product and service. It is surprisingly easy to administrate as well as user friendly to visitor. Unlike other voting components, what makes it stand out is that it lets users unvote (or cancel vote) - just like YouTube or Reddit or StackOverflow among many other web-applications. It is also a great way for your visitors to talk about their own personal experiences with companies, hotel, property agent or even the local handyman.

" Reviews & Ratings modules provides you with a easy solution software that allows your visitors to submit their own reviews on whatever content you have listed on your site. "

Booking Calendar
This item is ideal if you want to add information about bookings to your rentals website. The Back End is easy to use and can be easily manage into to show availably of your service to visitors. Both Back End and Front End is designed separately for easy administration and the number of usages on your webpage or website is unlimited.

" The Booking Calendar is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones). "

SEO Friendly URLs
Eicra Real Estate script support SEO better because its default URLs are friendly. Developer can manually customize URLs to more friendly one than default.

You can set custom meta keyword, description tags in back-end. These tags also set automatically based on the page user view. For example, when user view details of article, the meta keyword, meta descriptions tags will be taken from title and description of current article.

" Relax! All of our application are heavily SEO optimized. All you need is to add proper keywords and meta tag and run SEO promotion. That's Simple ! "

Flexible Permissions and User Group Management
ACL, Access Control Levels, allows you to fine tune what groups of users have permission to certain content. This allows you to create a powerful structure of content which can be restricted to the different groups. Groups can inherit permissions from each other, allowing you to create an unbeatable chain of permissions.

" MVC based module architecture with built-in permission system based on ACL Architecture, you can set permission for role (group) or given user to separated modules. "

Security Enhanced
With built-in permission system based on ACL architecture, you can set permission for role (group) or given user to separated modules. Powered by IpLock plugin, you can prevent accessing from configurable IP addresses. This plugin, off course, can be turned on or off in back-end.

" A session-based admin login interface, brute-force prevention, and many hidden admin security measures ensures you first-class security. It's easy to not allow user to access the back-end section from given IP addresses. "

Maximum exposure of Product / Service
The Core goal of this application is to ensure the MAXIMUM illustration of your products and services. Highly tuned UI and graphically enhanced presentation is to attract your visitor right away. This application support modular architecture. Each module has separated permission sets, features and language data. The independent of modules will make developing modules more easy.

" So Why late ? Just order now. "
More Features