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Bird-dogging service in real-estate defines specialized agent services some agents provide to investors and clients. They constantly search for underpriced properties in the market for potential buyers and investors.

Bird Dogging

About bird-dogging service

Agents involved in bird-dogging service acts like real estate intelligence. They provide a field survey report of current market scenario to potential investors in the market. Bird-dogging agents survey in groups and play an important role in the real estate industry of Bangladesh. Over the past few decades, bird-dogs have earned popularity in house flipping or rental property search in nation.

Steps of bird-dogging process

Identifying & Analyzing

The bird-dogging service starts with an in-depth market analysis by scouting through new areas in the real estate market.

Target properties

Bird-dogs hunt for any properties with disputes. This can either include long-term debt issues with banks and government bodies or need some serious renovations services.


Bird-dogging agents undertake auto-dialers, email marketing, or any other media for advertisements. Here bird-dogging agents take all advertising fields to attract clients planning to sell properties.

Expending network

The process includes identifying potential business leads in the market. This increases the possibility of sales in the property business.

Effective communication

Here any bird-dogging agent builds and establishes a reliable link with potential investors in the market. It is vital for any bird-dogging process.

Effective Scouting

A major task of bird-dog includes effective real estate scouting. The aim is to find out under-rated properties in on behalf of potential leads demands.

bird dogging service in the Bangladeshi property market

Why we brought bird-dogging service in the Bangladeshi property market?

  • It saves time and resources when bird dogs are in action in this crowded market.
  • Bird dogs keep the competitiveness of investors’ on-point without extra diversions.
  • Gathers real estate market data is now more convenient and reliable.
  • Makes more involvement in the investments yet less chance of business risks.
  • Creates a getaway that helps establish your own real estate platform in the country.
  • Eventually opens up a stronger analytical pathway for investors in the business.

Our step-by-step bird-dogging process

Market Analysis

Our representatives go through in-depth market analysis process to figure out the market fertility, this minimizes time and efforts.

Effective Property Scouting

Our agents constantly scout for new areas to find potential properties. These properties are than taken under the listing process.

Lead search

Next comes the searching campaign for business leads. Bird dogging agents do this through various effective advertising processes.

Skim out lead investors

Sorting out potential capital-rich investors among many is another useful task our company field agents do.

Collaborate with investors

Once shortlisted, company representatives carry out effective collaborations with potential investors in the list.

Deal establishments

After a reliable business collaboration process, our bird-dogs wrap up the deal for clients with standard procedures.


Bird-dogs and investors follow a mutual investment relationship in real estate sector. However, there are some potential risks in this process. As an investor, you have to take some level of risks when investing in this field.  As a property scouting dog you are prone to some level of risks in the business. You have a probability of losing your commissions. This can happen if your lead have some  unethical plans in mind right after enjoying the service.

We suggest everyone to plan and investigate first before the final leap into the investment field. This can minimize potential risks. Finally, as an investor, we expect you to pour a big money for the fix-and-flip in your real estate investment. So, we suggest you analyze and find out a reliable source first to put your money on line.

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