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Getting the perfect commercial space for setting up business wasn’t easy until our property agent service for Commercial properties intervene in the business. Our company ensures appropriate and prompt solutions for all your queries regarding this particular investment aspect.

Offshore management in short

Commercial property agent service

We have numbers of real estate agents working in the property market. Among them, several agents focus solely work on commercial property services only. Our property agent service for Commercial properties comprises commercial premises listing, market valuation reporting, land and property inspections on behalf of the clients, etc. These letting agents work for any types of real estate properties. However, their main client targets are those individuals who seek to purchase or lease commercial properties.

Benefits of real estate agents in field

Land Listing

Search and list properties for commercial purposes. With that agents establish a communication path with lands and property owners.

Buyer search

Next comes the search campaign for potential clients and investors. Agents advertise commercial properties and their features to grab clients’ attention.

Requirement discussion

Clients arrange formal meetings with clients; discuss requirements and benefits, investors wish to see in their commercial property once handed over.

Property Inspection

Commercial property demands a proper survey and inspection. Our agents identify and try to resolve any disputes as per our client’s recommendations.

Agreements & approvals

For commercial property, investors need to have dozens of approvals which Property agents readily manage and prepare on scheduled time.

Handover & aftercare

Finally, agents clear out any agreements before the final handover of commercial property and if needed provide aftercare services.

What Makes Our Agents Qualified?

Academically optimized

All our real estate agents are well-educated at their respected academic sectors. This means, our agents are graduated from reputed academic institutions. We choose our agents carefully and make sure they can utilize academics at their full potential in the work field.

Legally Certified

Only academic education is not enough for a professional real estate agent. Our agents have to go through a 60 to 90 hours of the relevant course. They also have to sit for an intensive test to gain an appropriate commercial license. This gives them authority in the relevant field and makes them even more efficient in the professional arena.

Commercially experienced

Getting legal approvals mean our agents are properly licensed. However, challenges may come up in the work field. Luckily, our agents have years of practical work experience in the field. All of them are efficient to deal with clients seeking residential, industrial, or commercial properties in Bangladesh.

Advantages of hiring our agents for commercial property purchase

Strong network builder

Builds long term communication path between landowners and customers in commercial property sector.

Lease analyzing & planning

Our company agents carry out advanced market analysis on commercial premises for leasing or purchasing, on behalf of our clients.

Property tax assistance

Our agents are well-aware about the country’s taxation system. So, clients get assistance in property tax management.

Expert negotiator

Our professionals run strong negotiations during any property purchase in favor of the investors. It helps in minimizing the complex tax process in the market.

Drafting & verifying agreements

Expect our agent competitively skilled in collecting, drafting, verifying, and submitting all documents needed for commercial property purchase.

Lease payment management

Commercial real estate agents take care of various lease payment deals. For instance, gross lease, Single, double, or triple net lease scheme.

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