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Land acquisition is difficult, especially in a densely populated nation like ours where land prices are sky rocketing. However, it often gets necessary for industrialization and for betterments. Let us assist you in seamless land or property acquisition process in Bangladesh.

Land acquisitions in Bangladesh

Land acquisitions in Bangladesh

From the land perspective of Bangladesh, if we look upon the present scenario of the land acquisition process, we notice that land owners suffer a miserable consequences after unethical acquisition process of land.

According to the Article-42 of Bangladesh constitution a resident has the fundamental right to own a property. Whereas, Article-42(1) provides some privileges along with some restrictions which have been imposed in Article 42(2).

Here in, we advise investors regarding land acquisition service of the private land by the government for the national benefits; for instance, public infrastructural development management. We also make land owners aware about the fact that acquisition of private land has to go through several rules set by the laws.

Categorizing land takeovers

For public interest, the Government of the nation can acquire private property by paying allocated or pre-announced compensation. The land takeover by the way can be either temporary or permanent basis. The government is not bound to return back the land they have acquired. However, it takes over for temporary purposes, it is returned back with money paid for the duration of acquired time. However, there are certain lands such as graveyards, cremation points, mosques or pagodas are free from such acquisition process. Based on duration of land takeover time this process is distinguished into two types:

  1. Property acquisitions
  2. Property requisitions
Categorizing land takeovers in LAND ACQUISITION

Requirements for land acquisition process in Bangladesh

According to 1982 Ordinance, an individual or organization has to appeal to the Ministry of Lands in Bangladesh for acquiring any land situated within the jurisdiction of the upper Land Allocation Committee. The applicant can submit the application to the deputy commissioner for land situated within the jurisdiction of the District Land Allocation Committee of the nation. following are the paperwork you need to make available for the acquisition process:

Layout plan of the property
Requirement approval certificate
Schedule plan of land acquisition
Land alignment marked in red ink
Approval from the ministry of land
plot number of the proposed property
Budget allocation details in a form of letter
NOC from the City corporation (for both north and south section)
Surrendering old property once acquisitioning a new establishment
Our specialized steps in land acquisition process
Primary land survey and evaluation.
Initial proposal submission to the central ministry of land and other governmental bodies.
Assist in passing proposal and peruse early land acquisition process by the deputy commissioner.
Notice publication for land evacuation and acquisition process.
Help deputy commissioner take stand to record all peripheral instances. For instance, condition, natural habitat, already existed infrastructure establishment etc. before putting up the evacuation notice.
Take precautionary stance along with deputy commissioner against any possible future obstacles by the occupants.
Undertake skilled land verification process within 3 consecutive days of notifying evacuations.
Handle appeals and legal objections made by the occupants against the acquisition process.
Pursue seamless evacuation of existing establishments within allocated period of time as part of acquisition process.
Handover legal paperwork and acquired land to the rightful owner.
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