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Get the best agent service specialized in residential property management process in nation

About residential agent service

Property agents; also called letting agents are professionals who establish a communication path between tenants and residential property owners. The agent here acts like a facilitator who will help provide all property solutions at the residential stage in exchange for a certain percentage of commission or financial benefits from clients.

What our letting agents offer is a complete package of services including property listing, tenant agreement setup, property inspection, facility reviewing, and assisting clients throughout the purchasing phase.

Activities of Letting agents

Here are some of core activities typical letting agents conduct for clients seeking residential property purchase solutions in Bangladesh.

Identifying Potential Tenants

Our agents sort out potential tenants interested in renting or leasing residential properties as per the owners’ demand.

Agreement setup

Once a tenant is managed, an agent starts preparing the required agreement documents for the very purpose.

Rent Management

When agreements are all set, our agents take over the scheduled rent collecting duties on behalf of the owner.

Aftercare Services

Agents take care of additional post-rental services, for instance; maintenance, various tenant complaints etc.

Our residential agent service and benefits

Our agents work side-by-side with the owners as well as buyers in real estate arena. Keeping in mind, we are privileged to have market-leading agents’ skilled-up explicitly in residential real estate property.  Some highlighted activities our agents encompass:

Pin-pointing residential property
Mortgage preparation and lease management
Market information, and current data analysis
Offer management and property valuation
after agreement curriculum management
Coordinate, manage, and regular inspection.
What makes our agents reliable?

Certified & Recognized

Each and every agent we have is well-recognized and well-reputed in the market. Moreover, all of them are certified appropriately by verified authority bodies.

Professional & Focused

As the agents earn from sell commissions, expect absolute focused and professional services; that is providing superior rental solutions to our clients.

Cooperative & Law-Abiding

Specialized residential property agents are cooperative both with clients and government authorities. Therefore, they ensure law-abiding factors in their professional field.

Context Summery

Hunting for a residential property is complex when you are searching for it all alone, but things get much reliable and convenient when an experienced staff in this very field is at your side. It makes the listing, screening, surveying, verifying, negotiating and finally purchasing process much more relaxing from both buyers and sellers perspective.

An agent in this particular focus field therefore creates a liaison between interested parties and therefore and assist in accelerating the real estate process with ease and without errors. is committed to provide you so and much more in the property field in Bangladesh with a promise to give you with the industry’s finest real estate agents.

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