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Real estate finance defines, explains, and involves different ways of purchasing properties in Bangladesh. Not unexpectedly, when buying a home, the vast majority of Bangladeshi demand loans. These loans are also daunting and confusing to homebuyers and the terminology that they include. For this reason, they will turn to their real estate agents for support in relevant process. Many items arise in applications for credits, such as credit reports, verification of assets and profits, assessments, and securities. That said, every customer your business with is highly likely to have a different working situation. For this purpose, agents are encouraged to take training courses that discuss these situations and provide agents with the skills to represent their customers.

Strategic Investment in Finance

Strategic Investment

Our realistic and strategic investment strategy has been developed to help you achieve your long-term objectives. It involves topics such as the identification of investment risks and opportunities, the impacts of macro-economic factors.

This also encompasses how to identify and handle shifting investment climates, how to cope with economic cycles and apparently irrational financial markets. When this includes aspects under one umbrella, the core tasks in this investment strategy is to research and evaluate the best possible methods and ways  to establishing a business in the real estate sector.

We will learn more about the roles and activities of strategic investment in real-estate that can play a big game in your long-term property investment.

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Property Acquisition in Finance

Property Acquisition

Lands and properties often get illegally acquired or occupied and facilities are enjoyed without prior permissions. This calls for legal actions. Through property acquisition, unwelcoming entities are taken under legal considerations and shifted away from the facility.

According to the Article-42 of Bangladesh constitution a resident has the fundamental right to own a property. Whereas, Article-42(1) provides some privileges along with some restrictions which have been imposed in Article 42(2) regarding property acquisition process.

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Strategic Advisory & Valuations in Finance

Strategic Advisory & Valuations

Let it be the strategic solutions to plan up a capital statement for real estate finance investments or an in-depth analysis of the current market value of the properties you are seeing, we have the answers for almost any real estate query you have in mind, starting from expert strategic advises to a monetary evaluation in real estate industry of Bangladesh. promises to bring you a top of the class strategic advisory and valuations service in land and property sector lead by a bunch of dedicated and aspiring professionals. Our company makes sure you don’t only get high quality service but also property valuations and strategic consultancies to remain accurate throughout the whole professional timeline.

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Financial Information in Finance

Financial Information

Any real estate venture relies on the platform of firm financial status. If this aspect goes wrong, investors may tumble down and face bankruptcy in the middle of their investment journey. Setting up wise financial planning is therefore important and relevant consultancy in a relevant field is without any doubt an unavoidable part of property investment procedures.

Financing in property can be broken down into three distinct parts:

  1. Cash flows
  2. Tax effect
  3. Future benefits

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360-Degree Analysis in Finance

360-Degree Analysis

360-degree analysis- Involves tip-to-toe research, evaluation, and analysis services in the real-estate zone. This includes an in-depth property management analysis, litigation, and agent service in the market. Moreover, the study undertakes current property valuation, stock exchange impacts, and future prospective wherever applicable. In short, our 360-degree analysis field opens up the pathway for every investor which catalyzes real estate evaluation.
Here in, our property analysts are optimized with a rich package of data and resources that brings up any possible property issues and characteristics of clients under instant highlights. Moreover, the 360 degree analysis process, the experts deal with clients at one on one basis.
Security Planning in Finance Infographic

Security Planning

  • The Commercial Leasing Agent shall operate on behalf of the current landlord and shall contact the occupant to extend their existing lease, to trigger an option period, or to give a new lease (either within their existing building or another building owned by the same owner).
  • Selling a tenant, a new product” (i.e. a new building in the immediate area, a newly renovated building, or a building that offers an operational improvement for the tenant).
  • You can be contacted by a Commercial Leasing Agent to find out about your current contract. Lease expires, current lease, future space needs, and other details that could be of interest to an agent for future transactions.

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Taxation in Finance


Larking with your own hard-earned money in the investment field is definitely not a smart thought until you have gotten out your personal tax issues with experts in Bangladesh. Providing long-term tax services for clients.

During our professional timeline, we came across various regulatory complexities, but have solved each case with flying success. Presently we are significantly more ingenious, gifted, and sure about this specific field.”

So, why delaying till the last stance? Give us the privilege to unravel your personal taxation mess in real estate area.

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