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A 360 degree analysis means a complete package we are offering to help you establish a strong real estate platform in the industry.

Defining 360 degree analysis

360 degree analysis functionalities involves research, evaluation, and analysis services in the real-estate zone in the country. This encompasses an in-depth property management analysis, future prospects, litigation, and agent service in the property market. Moreover, the analysis undertakes current property valuation, stock exchange impacts, and future prospective wherever applicable.

In short, this analysis process offers by opens up a wide spectrum of pathway for every investor in this field and therefore catalyzes real estate business in nation.

Key Points

    • A 360 degree analysis provides a top to bottom analytic facilities needed at every phase of the property investments
    • Our analysis encompasses at-least four distinct stages: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and suggestive phase.
    • 3 proven ways that can guarantee uplift your current real estate investment status in market.
    • 360 degree analysis process comes with multiple market proven benefits that can boost your real estate business.

360 degree analytic services

Here in, our property analysts got a rich archive of data and resources that brings up any possible property issues and characteristics of clients under instant highlights. Moreover, the 360 degree analysis process, the experts deal with clients at one on one basis.

That means, our professionals get enough time and opportunity to analyze and evaluate clients, and their requirements. Moreover, at the client’s point of view, they can also discuss their queries and drawbacks personally with each of our representatives.

Along with those services in front-line, several other common real estate analysis processes you can expect to get from our specialist analysts:

Descriptive analysis process

This type of analytics describes real estate trends over a period of time. For example: income growth of a property within past ten years. This can also be the growth percentage rate in past years. Our analysts conduct descriptive analytics and acquire data from reliable sources. This ultimately helps derive useful insights of the target property in a more manageable descriptive form.

Diagnostic analysis process

Through this process under 360 degree analysis package, the experts brings out historical data of the property up-front. Then they  put an in-depth evaluation and testing  phase in line to bring out the logical answer for any required query or  outcomes of the descriptive analysis conducted earlier.

Predictive analysis

Predictive property investment data analysis forecasts the future possibilities and prospective of real estate assets. It relies on data from the previously evaluated analytics of descriptive and diagnostics to figure out patterns, exceptions, and trends. This makes a property market forecast more accurate and reliable.

Suggestive analysis

The type of analytic process provides suggestions regarding all other analysis process carried out on the go. This involves enjoying all the benefits of the property investment business and yet keeping away from possible disputes. In this phase our professionals help figure out the way to boost real estate profitability and valuation rates. This therefore increases the chance of incomes throughout the investment phase.

3 phases of our analysis service

By now you already have a brief knowledge on the in-depth property and land investment analysis we provide to you. By now you must be aware about our research phases, but how exactly these phases can help you in business?

A group of expert analyst at have evaluated this matter and have designed the 360 degree analysis process in such a way that property investors can enjoy a 3 ways benefits from this particular packaged process.

  1. Pre-investment analysis- Collect market data, evaluate, compile and provide informative analysis reports before an investor finalizes a property investment in the market.
  2. On-field analysis- This way of analysis process acts on real estate entrepreneurs already on the field investing in projects. As a result, here our professionals focus on shielding and facilitating running project of clients by providing useful data and analytic insights.
  3. Post-operating phase- The third way our company’s analysis sector promotes is the post operating phase. Our clients get all the necessary insights and data reports that can facilitate their real estate venture. This stage is vital as it relates stronger client relationships even after providing services.

Using these three distinct ways in profession, we ensure our valued clients receive all necessary and valuable information needed before real estate investment initiations. This can be during property investment phase or  during post-investment phase to help them roll forward within the toughest market competitors.

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