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Get the premium industrial property acquisition service from our professional team in the real estate industry of Bangladesh.

Defining Industrial Acquisitions

Industrial lands and properties often get illegally acquired or occupied and facilities are enjoyed by unauthorized occupants without prior permissions. This calls for legal actions on real estate sector. Through property acquisition, unwelcoming occupiers as well as acquiescent companies  are taken under legal considerations and managed away from the facility. With that, the land or property can be utilized and used as per the owner’s requirements.

Analyzing industrial acquisition process

When evaluating industrial acquisitions in Bangladeshi real estate field, the outcome appears in two different forms; industrial acquisitions from illegal occupants and company merger or acquiring smaller companies for industrial benefits in the market.

Acquisition for unauthorized occupants  

This defines industrial land and property acquisition process from the grip of unauthorized occupants residing by origin or by force in the property. The acquisition process in this segment can get pretty complicated due to complex litigation process and court calls.

This category of industrial property acquisition comprises of following steps:

  • Notifying government authorities in time of acquiring requirement.
  • Issuing and restraining eviction notice by introducing legal documents
  • Enforcing legal bodies wherever necessary during acquisition process
  • Appeal and re-appeal process to bar council and jurisdiction body
  • Property damage evaluation and recovery process

Companies merge and acquired by larger body 

This defines any company merge as well as acquisitions. It is also referred as M&A. Here industrial premises acquisition occurs between more than one companies or commercial bodies. This occurs in two ways; either through horizontal or through vertical acquisition.

  • Horizontal industrial acquisition process is when big competitor company takes over or acquires smaller or weaker ones in the market.
  • Vertical acquisition in industrial real estate field involves merging two or more commercial bodies or acquiring supports from Companion Company to strengthen and accelerate businesses in the fast growing corporate market.

Our actions in acquisitions field

Here in, we work with a wide range of activities; all of these involve real-estate investments. Stating that, we have a market leading team who are specialized in land and property acquisitions. So, when it comes of acquiring industrial property anywhere in Bangladesh, you can have a full spectrum of support and advisory from our land and property acquisition department.

Now you must be wondering what exactly our specialized team can offer you in needs of industrial land acquisitions. To makes things clear for you, here are our functionalities in the line:

  • Analyze the ownership claim and study property condition
  • Evaluate and verify the ownership documents involved behind the property.
  • Assist claimant to prepare and draft necessary paperwork needed
  • Create liaison between claimant and legal organizations
  • Works along with authority bodies to notify occupants and acquiescent company.
  • Inspecting and informing any property damages during and after acquisition process.
  • Any relevant post-acquisition program required for our clients.

Top 5 Types of Acquisition.

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Security planning

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Financial information

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Strategic Investment

Lucrative real estate strategic investment advisory and assistance service to help you achieve a long-term investment goal.

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