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Let it be the strategic solutions to plan your capital structure or an in-depth analysis of your current market value you are looking for; we have the answers and solutions for all of your queries under our Strategic Advisory and Valuations service hub.

Strategic advisory and valuations in property business

A real estate investor cannot ignore the fact that right strategic and financial decisions, and making appropriate choice of a valuation consultant in the real estate investment world is critical. Keeping this fact in frontline, promises to bring you a top of the class strategic advisory and valuations service in land and property sector lead by a bunch of dedicated and aspiring professionals. Our company makes sure you not only get high quality in our service but the quantitative evaluation of your property valuations and strategic consultancies remain accurate throughout your whole professional venture.

Steps of strategic advisory process

When it comes of advisory process in real estate world, we strictly follow a strategic guideline for our clients. Our strategy includes a top to toe ingredients needed to guide and nurture your property business in Bangladesh. Moreover, our experts also encompass financial consultancies that come along with the strategic advising sessions. Because we know how crucial monetary management is in a real estate business. Here is a step by step strategic consultancy curriculum we follow for potential investors in the market:

  • Set a pre-requirement meeting with clients to understand queries and requirements from client’s side.
  • Design a plan based on client’s needs and capabilities in the real estate market.
  • Structuring market approach in accordance to the plan set by the facilitate meetings.
  • We build a platform; for instance: email marketing system to showcase properties to purchasers.
  • Incremental development method to stick with the strategic process in growing property market.
  • Regularly reminding, notifying and nurturing our rolling client investors in the market.
  • Efficient management throughout the real estate investment venture to maintain the strategy.

Real estate valuations in brief

Considering current real estate venue, the needs for expert valuation services are at its pick demand in the industry. The business valuations in relevant to assets and property is what our experts put into their professional context. Along with that they include financial and tax reporting, portfolio valuation, real estate planning, insurance valuation and due diligence. in summary, if you up for real estate investment business, you should be aware of the current market valuation in contrast with property aspects in the market.

Our services at a glance offers a world class property valuation and advisory services that brings dedicated expertise in line to confidently challenges current competitors rolling in the property industry. Our corporation values land assets of our clients and evaluates current valuations and standing of their properties. We are privileged to possess an experienced land professional on field who has a distinguished history and premium reputations in land business. Moreover, our professional team maintains reliability factors which undertake security, land portfolios, professional property acquisitions and merging, current market rate and future valuation projecting activities.

Following are the bundle services we are pledged to offer you in strategic and valuation advisory service sector:

Total strategic planning

Tax filing and adjusting

Financial planning and reporting

Documental correspondence

Fund management and distributions

Financial disputes and debt managements

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