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Legal Services & Support means the work done by a lawyer, including a contract in anticipation of lawsuits, compliance proceedings or inquiries.

importance of legal support

Why Do You Need Legal Service

  • You’re buying a Real Estate property.
  • Got questions about the different ways of owning property.
  • Have a dispute about land ownership.
  • Facing disputes about real estate litigation matters.
  • Looking forward to lodge a caveat, or a caveat has been lodged against your property.
  • Government sent legal notifications regarding your land been selected for acquisitions.
  • Thinking of selling your investment property.
Who enjoys our land litigation service

Whom We Are Working With

We work with a large number of clients in the real estate market. Our clients come from a range of backgrounds. Yet we usually have a lot of foreign delegates on our client list. Often, they are private investors and people holding portfolios. We also work with vulnerable individuals that have important legal property issues in hand.

Our services in facilities management

Features we provide

  • Providing advice on the legal aspects of rental property, landlord-tenant matters, and lease both commercial and residential, and title issues.
  • Our legal support team can assist you in establishing a Real Estate Funds & REITs.
  • Reviewing sale and purchase agreements, modifying the terms of the agreements if necessary.
  • Evaluating and ensuring the protection of clients’ interests in real estate transactions.
  • Appraising a closing statement, promissory note, bill of sales, etc.
  • Giving an expert legal services on property management, property taxes, and zoning restrictions on real estate.
  • Advising on environmental and insurance issues.
More Features in legal support

More Features

  • Searching for inland office records to verify the validity of any text.
  • Land acquisition and development process including joint ventures.
  • Commercial real estate transactions and leasing.
  • Establishment and licensing of Real Estate businesses.
  • Dispute resolution including litigation services, local and international arbitration.
  • Representing clients in the court proceedings.
  • Inspecting legal documents such as mortgage papers, taxes, etc.
  • Preparing, drafting, and checking tenders and project documents.
  • Preparing deeds, agreements, and leases.
  • Due diligence in complicated or higher priced transactions.
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