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Did you check all the possible real estate asset disputes before moving on to the purchasing a property in Bangladesh? Before investing, it is imperative to understand all the requisites and we suggest you to be ready to handle all possible dispute resolutions  come across the way.

Understanding dispute resolutions

Understanding dispute resolutions
Deal with such issues

When going through a property journey in Bangladesh, you are pretty much bound to face various disputes. This dispute can be from legal, financial, rivalry or other perspective in this field. When any of such dispute appears in the scene, our company give major priority to identify and analyze those from the core. than they evaluate, and act on those issues before the dispute take apart the whole discipline of your project.
Now you must be wondering how such dispute resolutions can be made. We suggest you leave this complex matter to the hands of professionals. If you are not practicing law, especially real estate law, you will not be able to catch every single issues thrown at you. Therefore, we always recommend professional real estate lawyers in this business.

Key points at a glance

  1. Dispute resolutions in real estate defines sorting, analyzing, and mitigating possible disputes in the field.
  2. The dispute in our country come up in 4 major form: Legal dispute, Financial dispute and competitional or rivalry dispute and constructional dispute.
  3. It is the another phrase for risk management in real estate zone.
  4. Dispute resolutions demand experienced lawyers and attorneys in the relevant field.
  5. Dispute in property field can slow down your property progress and can even halt the ultimate aims and objectives of a project.

Steps in property dispute resolutions

An experienced lawyer in land business carried out property dispute resolutions in several specific and pre determined steps. Here are the three standard methods typical legal personnel in Bangladesh pursue to follow under client demands:

Mediate process:

Mediation scheme asks for an individual mediator, who is basically a third person witness outside the parties directly participating in the dispute. This individual takes the responsibility to resolve issues but at the same time  insures that he/she remains neutral throughout the whole process.

Arbitration process:

It is the most popular dispute resolution process among all. Here the legal authority handover the decision making authority to a jury board, also called arbitrators. They evaluate the case, analyze, discuss with other arbitrator members and come out with resolutions which is the final decision against the underlined dispute case.

Negotiation process:

This is the simplest form of solving disputes between parties. Here disputing parties carryout bargain and negotiate till the decision lands to a common point. This process however doesn’t require lawyers or jury board as such and can be mutually resolved.

Functionalities we offer

We have experienced lawyers, and legal attorneys proficient to work with real estate field. They are capable and comfortable to deal and manage every possible dispute resolutions arises in real estate sector. Moreover, our lawyers and attorneys can readily serve you with every possible dispute resolutions arises in your property project. Under our market leading reputations in line, these personnel of ours provide following resolutions:

Analyze the dispute in-depth at primary stage
Discuss with both parties undertaking disputes
Following arbitration and mediate methodology in the field
Customizable deputes resolution strategy whenever needed
Enhances the market image of real estate agents.
Ensure minimum litigations after resolving disputes
Context Summary

Disputes often occurs between realtors, landowners and tenants due to the result of poor to no agreements. Our company ensures minimum legal complexities during dispute resolutions and therefore creates a more robust and sustainable environment in real estate investment sector of Bangladesh. Here ensures careful government guidelines along with proper bespoke solutions specifically designed to resolve each dispute case arises in this business.

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