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Call Us+88 09606998856, is one of the leading land survey firm in nation, that can handle specific activities of housing development survey in Bangladesh. The company comes with a team of specialists in the land and property survey sector.

Land and property survey

Survey process at residential level

Land and property survey in real estate sector acquainted of all activities involved in a residential land survey with a thorough understanding of everything from residential boundary surveys to property development and managements.

We have a diverse experience which provides an integrated approach to land assessment and real estate market insight evaluations. Furthermore, we Conduct development surveys and plan a final residential property with proper data and well-defined information in hand.

Maximizing Client Investments

In the field of land survey criteria, our team of experts strategically determine the most productive and affordable option for each project in order to optimize our customers’ investments in property. Years of experience of gives away the outcomes of civil surveys that go above and beyond.

Your ideas become a reality by combining the skill of our people with advanced technologies from landmarks. Our new interactive modeling technology enables our customers, during early planning phases, to see their civil construction projects.

Planning team of are professional problem solvers for all types of projects. Our current customers range from domestic residents and supermarkets to big spectrum commercial premises .

We provide civil development services covering a range of major projects in the site. Professional, creative and attentive planners are provided by our customers.

Services for the favor of land owners in land and property survey

Services for the favor of land owners

We offer services to landowners, small businesses and some of the largest corporations in Bangladesh. Since every application varies according to the type of survey, size, current legal definition and location required, please contact us. Our team is ready to provide the public with all needed professional services and to ensure that our clients receive high-quality services.

Company services in land and property survey

Unique methods are regularly used to deliver reliable and timely services regardless of the size of the project, using the latest technologies. Our certified professionals and trained technicians represent a range of clients including state and federal agencies, transport agencies, city governments, public utilities and private developers and contractors. provides consumers with offices across the country with a comprehensive knowledge of regional regulatory standards and market conditions. Field workers travel regularly and are available for a wide variety of ventures. Included services like:

Marking of boundaries
Land sale/purchase
Corners Lost/Obliterated
Division of Land
Conflict of possession survey
Construction: Fence/House/Etc.
Improvements/Enlarge Location
Surveys of boundaries
Topological surveys
Evaluation of control
Stakeout building
Hydrographical investigations
Certifications for raising

Tools and techniques we use for land and property survey

For the benefit of land and property survey, we brings in the latest tools in techniques in Bangladesh. The aim is to get rid of any barrier during property survey process and provide accurate survey report at the end of each process to our valuable clients. Some of the tools and techniques under our supervision are:

Architecture of facilities
Stakeout of high-rise building
Scanning of 3-D lasers
Humidity tracking and reporting
Plans for current terms and conditions
Restoration Stream Surveys
Designation and location of utilities
Surveys of Metes & Bounds
Determination of the right of way
Legal data
Machines subdivision
Plates Record
Right-of-way dishes and easing
Survey Schedule Preparedness
Subdivisions small and major
and many more…
Context summary

Before heading for the final monetary transections in property business, it is vital to carry out an in-depth land and property survey. Keeping in mind, there are several private bodies working on this particular survey sector in Bangladesh. However, we have a dedicated department specialized in property survey.

When other companies strict themselves with a very limited land survey processes, we have a wide range of services under this aspect. In need we work along with the government bodies at this particular discipline and come out with as many data and reports possible and useful to you.

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