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Just like land verification in real estate investment business, it is vital to go through a thorough property ownership verification as well. Conducting ownership check will eventually clear out any doubts, hitches and issues during land and property ownership transfer process in Bangladesh.

Steps of property ownership verification

  • Firstly, all relevant property-related data, especially, the plot (dag) number, Khatiyan number, information of the present owner, holding address, has to be collected. It would not be possible to check the records of the property in the first place without these primary documents.
  • Next comes the checking of the genuineness of the title deed. Property document verification is significantly important. This can be achieved by conducting a search at the Sub Registry Office in question. Both recorded deeds have a record of the original deed at the registry office of the sub-registry in which they are registered.
  • A certified copy of the deed has to be obtained by paying a small number of state fees to the Sub Registrar. The deed of the predecessor and the Partition Deed (Bonton nama) (if any) should be verified in case the property is inherited.
Steps of property ownership verification infographic

More processes to follow

We recommend you to keep in check all the records from previous years (for at least 10 years) at the Sub Registry Office. Upon cross checking, any Hadden property ownership or mortgage will come into light.
Khatiyan/ Porcha is accessible at the local Land (Tohsil) office, DC office. Certified copies of all related Khatiyan/ Porcha copies should be obtained and verified. The name of the owner should be tested against the records of the transfer of assets provided in the documents. If there is some mismatch, the proper explanation should be given.

Our initiatives in property ownership verification field

It is an arduous job to verify correct property ownership in Bangladesh. Recently, the government has implemented the Digital Land Management System (DLMS) to reduce the coercive process of verification of land management, through which the Bangladesh land area can be handled digitally with the aid of modern technology.

Our main features include the DLMS including GPS-based land surveying, automated map drawing and online land management processes. The government system has recently indexed more than 65 Lakh Khatiyans and scanned copies of more than 18,500 map sheets.

However, the prevalent system has yet to be abolished. But we are ready and equipped to deal with any ownership verification process recommended by the government. We also take precautions on behalf of the both buyers or purchasers side before the final ownership handovers.

Additional Features We Provide

Office Verifies

The Tohasil office/Upazila Land Office verifies and informs about the land the purchaser is appealed to buy. We formally inform buyer whether the land certificate has dispute or whether the land has been auctioned. However, the purchaser must keep in mind the Section 7 of the Government Payment/Claim Act 1993. This legal clause provides property sale and ownership details.

Govt Acquired

We make sure you necessary know that whether the land is Khas(govt acquired) or marked as abandoned beforehand. Buyers should ensure that the selling of the particular property is not prohibited under current legislation.

Law Issues

It is important to sort out any court or law issues on the property. This helps identifying any structural errors on the land or a building or apartment. We ensure building designs in accordance to the plan and safety codes.


The sub-registry office or the district registrar’s office should obtain all current registration record.

Land Tax (Khajna)

We regularly review the land tax (Khajna) records on behalf of you. If you doesn’t pay the land tax on time, there is a bigger chance that the state will take the property away.

Context summery

Property ownership verification process demands detail data cross checks. It proves an individual as an owner of the land or property. Got issues regarding ownership verification, owner transfer or deed and paperwork preparations, don’t hesitate and give us a buzz. We are always standby to assist you regarding land ownership verification and preparation process.

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