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You need to check a lot of legal papers so that when you try to purchase a property or land there should not be any disputes.

Importance and recovery of process in PAPERS UP-TO-DATE AND RECOVERY

Importance of papers up-to-date and recovery process

If you want to buy a property or land you first need to verify a certain things. A lot of things should be into consideration. You need to check a lot of legal papers so that when you try to purchase a property or land there should not be any disputes. Now the first thing is will you do all the hard work for this?

We are here to help you on hectic hard work of your. is a well equipped service provider on this matter. We have experienced Legal professionals who are working in the legal industry for a while. So sit back and relax and let us handle the rest of the work.

Our services in papers up-to-date and recovery sector

We provide many services but to keep it on the main track we have selected and sorted them out, check-out our below services in leasehold & freehold properties:

Deeds & registration paperwork:

  • Lease Deed/Registered Property Deed
  • The Related Baya Deeds
  • Recorded act of ownership in the name of the present owner


Agreement & Power of attorney:

  • Development arrangement with the Developer & Land Owner(s) (where applicable)
  • Licensed power of attorney by landowner to the benefit of the developer (where applicable)
  • Power of Attorney approval letter from the competent authority


Mutation-khatian & survey report:

  • Letters of approval for mutation in favor of the current owner of the competent authority (where applicable)
  • Mutation of Khatian from the Land Office concerned
  • Print copy of Dhaka City Jorip Khatian (where applicable)
  • Report of the latest survey ( I.e. Math parcha dully attested by authority)
Additional services we provide in PAPERS UP-TO-DATE AND RECOVERY Infographic

Additional services we provide

We also check, Authorized building plans with letter of approval from RAJUK/CDA/other competent authority and any other appropriate document as required by legal counsel. last but not the least we deals with complex real estate taxation and mortgage solutions as well. This service comprise of:

  • Update Non-Encumbrance Certificate for 13 years
  • Manage property tax
  • Up to date receipt of land tax
  • Receipt of municipal tax
  • Mortgage Approval from the authority concerned (for registered mortgage)

Advantage of our papers up-to-date and recovery service

Benefits of our features in professional field:

  • Property papers up to date checking
  • Documents drafting & filing
  • Collecting missing documents
  • Verification of property papers
  • Authenticating Government agreements
  • Resolving documental disputes
  • Submission process on behalf of clients
Advantage of our papers up-to-date

There is no better alternative other than preparing and keeping all property documents and paperwork up-to-date and resolving and disputes identified in agreements. As an individual property owner, it often gets hard to keep an eye and verify all the paperwork you are instructed to work with.

That’s where our specialized service in comes into action. Let us handle your complex piles of property documents. We assure you an up to date documentations on schedule and work on recovering any errors found on the way.

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