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Property Management services connects business experts and real estate professionals to discuss real-world situations, best practices, and effective management strategies to compete effectively in today’s competitive global markets.

Property Buying Assistance in PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

Property Buying Assistance

If you believe that property purchase is straightforward, then you are wrong. There are several ways and processes through which you can have your desired property in hand. For instance, you can purchase a property from land agents or a real estate brokerage firm. Also, managing assets from a first-party owner who has made a sale announcement recently.

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Rental Services Under Property Management Infographic

Rental Services Under Property Management

Rental management also includes charging fees for the property that is being rented out, showing prospective tenants the property, ensuring that the rules are followed, and more. In certain cases, rental managers are often responsible for hiring contractors to maintain a well-maintained house. We have more services to offer to our clients.

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House Flipping

House Flipping functionalities under the shade of property management have never been so convenient since we have entered the industry. It is an investment scheme in the real estate property business under which you purchase a property with no intention to live in, rather renovate and then sell that it to potential clients to make profits. You take up a property in rent or lease agreement.

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Offshore Management in PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

Offshore Management

If you want consistency in your property management business, one of the best choices is to outsource it. We currently have experienced Property managers working under us doing maintenance, inspections, accounting, and marketing for companies like yours. We provide our clients with trained and skilled staff who manage on-going day-to-day processes to operate a successful property management company. What we do is to provide Property Assistants that integrate and supplement your team but operate in our facility in Bangladesh at considerably less cost than onshore resources.

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Short-Term Rentals

Short term rentals, or holiday rentals, are furnished properties that are leased out for a shorter period of time to visitors who do not stay in the area for a very long time. Owners or property managers typically rent out their properties on a nightly or weekly basis. Short term rentals/holiday rentals have become more common over the last few years due to several factors, but mainly because of the privacy and space they offer.

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