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Although house flipping functionality is not that usual in Bangladesh, this chapter of real estate and property management business has a huge opportunity in our country.

Understanding house flipping service

It is an investment schema in the real estate property business which allows you to purchase a property with no intention to live in, rather renovate and then sell that particular real estate assets to potential clients to generate profits. In between the property purchase and selling procedures, the property goes under sufficient renovation process. In other words, you take up a property under lease agreement and sell it to a potential client with a profitable price tag.

Key points at a glance
  • House flipping service include budget fixing for purchase, market analysis, property sorting, renovation and selling process.
  • House flipping agents search for underpriced or undervalued properties that need serious makeover.
  • Agents try their best to spend minimum in renovation while attempt to draw maximum revenue from the flipped property.
  • Market value increases after property renovation but sometime agent faces losses if that asset remains unsold
Procedural acts of house flipping service

Procedural acts of house flipping service

  • The procedural steps of a successful house-flipping operation start with the budget allocation.
  • Following that, comes the thorough market research.
  • Hereafter sets any renovation processes if and wherever necessary.
  • Next, comes the fixing up of a contractor and setting up a market competitive value of the property.
  • Lastly, sell the newly flipped property at a profitable price to the potential clients in the market.

Benefits & Drawbacks

According to profit revenue, it can produce fair benefits whenever renovated and handed over to the tenant effectively. Without much of a stress, it can end up being an excellent income source for you. Additionally, it can also increase property valuations upon good selling profiles.

On the flip side, it regularly raises financial and legal issues when going through property flipping process. Likewise, the property can have convenience issues and may stay unsold for a more drawn out period.

Benefits & Drawbacks of House Flipping
Our attributes in the professional zone in House Flipping

Our attributes in the professional zone

Our professionals comes with utmost dedications and several positive attributes that calls for market reputation. Some of these attribute can be:

Professional: Whether on-field or just providing consultations in house flipping services, our real estate specialists and representative agents Offer professional services that can help you in every steps of property investment process.

Efficient: We not only promises when it comes of services, We’ assist you on the field and help you find the best target property that can give you an up to the mark revenue at the end of a deal.

Affordable: Being market leader in the real estate service sector doesn’t made us overwhelmingly expensive. Rather we like to be affordably at our service with an aim to reach more potential investors in house flipping business.

Why choose our service?

CONCEIVABLE REAL ESTATE SOLUTION- We assist in house flipping as well as give each conceivable real estate solution and consultation you need in the industry.

INDUSTRY PREPARED- Our representatives and agents are well perceived in the industry and prepared to serve you on one to one basis.

SECURITY & INSURANCE- As a reputed house flipper in the nation, we ensure superior amenities, security &  insurance facilities to our clients.

FAST TRACK- We follow a fast-fix policy in providing service. This resolves all property disputes on fast-track before the final flipping of the property.

Why choose our house flipping service

We Skyrocket Your House-Flipping Business in Bangladesh!

With Professionalism, sets of Skills, superb reputation & Years of Experience in the bucket, we pledged to provide you with following services:

  • Property renovation or repair projects
  • Maintain a 24-hour hot-line emergency repair service
  • Prepare primary cost estimations for your real estate project
  • Include guidance on how to increase rental income from the project.
  • Serve as a general contractor as well as manager to oversee the work on behalf of you.
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