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If you want a management consistency in your offshore property or asset, one of the best way you should go through is to look for an expert outsourcing service like

Offshore management in short

We currently have reputed property experts managing, maintaining, inspecting, and marketing offshore properties on behalf of our clients in the industry. Our company comes with trained and skilled staff who manage on-going day-to-day processes to operate a successful property management company even in overseas environment.

What we do is to deploy Assistants that integrate and strengthen your existing team at the same time operate your facility as your representative in Bangladesh at considerably less cost. All you need to do is to describe the regulations and the list of to-dos. At the end we ensure your desired requisitions are implemented on-point and on-time.

Offshore management in short

Key points at a glance

  • Manage overseas corporations on behalf of the owner, and cut down excess expenses of hiring foreign employees.
  • Arrange local manpower in demand of foreign owner establishing a project in Bangladesh.
  • Total maintenance, accounting and finance assistance of properties in foreign nation.
  • Conduct international marketing campaigns.
Our activities in offshore management

Our activities in offshore management

  • Receiving emails, phone calls, faxes, or text from tenants
  • Invoicing
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Insurance claiming
  • Appointment 24/7 or after hours of call handling
  • PARY Scheduling and arranging the viewing of the property with prospective tenants
  • Chasing rental payments
  • Tenant application processing and screening
  • Posting of new or empty properties on the web/advertising

If you understand that these property management activities can be performed from any venue, can add immediate value.

Our accounting and maintenance services


  • Reconciliation of the daily bank
  • Daily ledger processing and follow Ups
  • Preparing of invoices for offshore assets
  • Payment of invoice for offshore offices and properties
  • Processing of payment at the end of the month and mid-month.


  • Utility maintenance of the offshore assets
  • Liaison maintenance between owners, tenants, and creditors;
  • Maintenance of invoice processing for offshore offices
  • Review and follow for any further maintenance requests
  • Cover all the maintenance activities on schedule
Our accounting and maintenance services in Offshore Management

Our Expertise In Offshore Property Management Sector Took Us Up On The Leaderboard In Market

Marketing & inspections for offshore properties

Marketing & inspections for offshore properties


  • Calendar schedule of incoming, periodic, and outgoing inspections
  • Lssue notices of entry and connect with tenants for access
  • Compose, correct and finalize incoming and outgoing inspection reports
  • Submit notes to tenants and owners



  • Publishing of Rented and Leased Properties
  • Build brochures on property
  • Editing Property Images for Ads
  • Preparation of marketing collateral for auctions and other activities
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