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Buying property can get tricky if there is no expert intervention available. We have seen many investors in this field lost a big amount of money when invested in wrong sources at the wrong time. Seeing those disputes in industry, we have brought to you a reliable and dependable Property buying assistance service in Bangladesh.

Evaluating property buying assistance process

Property purchasing sometime turns very tricky and complex when doesn’t go as per plan. Disputes and agreement Breach may come up every now and than during the buying process. The asset purchase process comprises of several steps; for instance, sourcing reliable broker and property seller, property inspections, cost negotiation and conditioning and more. Things get more convenient and concise once you have a expert assistant in this field at your side.

So, if you seek our advice, we will suggest you analyze; especially the pricing factor of the property before the final leap in the property business. Study about the current property prices, long term asset values, and sustainability.

Moreover, the purchase process also includes pre-purchase and post-purchase curriculums that follow certain regulation packages. You will learn more about our property purchase steps from here forth.

Evaluating property buying assistance process
Key points at a glance
  • Property buying process incorporates, asset sourcing, verifying, negotiating and deed processing and disbursements.
  • Property buying assistance help in property sorting, inspecting before final deal and negotiate on the quoted price.
  • Our property buying process is done in three phases; analyzing the deal, price offering and deal finalizing.
  • Carrying out the buying process all by yourself is very complex process. Deploying experts on the floor is the best option
Steps of our property buying assistance infographic
Steps of our property buying assistance service

We have a simple 1 2 3 steps of delivering property buying solutions to our clients.

Step 1: Research & Evaluation

  • Background screening of seller and purchaser
  • Market research and property valuation analysis
  • Property inspection and reviewing
  • Detail client’s financial evaluation

Step 2: Offers & liaison

  • Based on step 1, narrow out property choices
  • Establish liaison for mortgage agreements
  • Assist in pre-rental fund transactions
  • Final negotiations

Step 3: Finalizing Deal

  • Compiling and final paperwork handover
  • Revising government charges, tax and vat
  • Closing up property purchase deal
  • Aftercare services
More about property buying assistance

If you believe that property purchase is straightforward, then you are wrong. There are several ways and processes through which you can have your desired property in hand.

For instance, you can purchase a property from land agents or a real estate brokerage firm. You can also manage a real estate asset from a first-party owner who has made a sale announcement recently.

Several factors affect your property purchase agenda. Among those property litigation processing, land acquisition service, original ownership status etcetera falls in.

When assisting in this particular field, we keep in focus each of these factors and even more, to make the property purchase a convenient subject for our clients.

More about property buying assistance

Check out our Pre-purchase assistance service before looking for a property buying assistance.

Our property buying assistance service In summery

We have not confined ourselves to property buying assistance services only but have dug way deeper in the real estate sector of Bangladesh. However, when it comes of property buying assistance service in Bangladesh, we strictly refers to asset-buying process keeping in mind the current market value of that particular property.

Here a client has to deal with quite a lot of paperwork, including government approvals, rajuk approvals, and fifteen more approvals from various government bodies. We focus and work on this field  with absolute professionalism to meet client’s property purchase requirements on-time and appropriately.

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