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Short term rentals or popularly known as holiday rental properties are furnished accommodations that are leased or rented for a limited period of time to interested tenant under short term contract.

Short-term rental service- Market demands

Unlike long term rental or tenant service, here a visitor doesn’t prefer to stay in the same property for a very long time. Owners or property managers typically rent out their properties on a nightly or weekly basis.

Short term rentals/holiday rentals have become more common over the last few years due to several factors, but mainly because of the privacy and space they offer. Short term rental facilitate traveler’s and vacation seeker’s accommodation all around the world and provide them all desired comforts and amenities during their short tenant period.

sShort-term rental service- Market demands
Key points at a glance
  • It is also called vacation rental, hotel alternative or offshoot accommodation facility for corporate project.
  • The stay period of the tenant can range from a week to several months only.
  • Unlike long term renting service, the accommodation in this facility is pre-furnished and amenities readily available.
  • The clients here are mostly tourists, travelers and foreign delegates residing for corporate purpose.
  • The authoritarian regulations and service scopes here is quite different from typical long term rental process.

Our premium short-term rental management service confirms luring more potential guests to your vacation outlet.

Short-term rental management

Short term rental management is suitable for those who want to rent their apartments and homes to those who are passing through the city, on holiday, or in other parts of the world who are only staying for a shorter period of time.

When this happens, things that going through need to get in contact with vacation rental owners or a short-term rental management company who can provide them with this form of accommodation because they are not staying for a long time and may want a reasonable rate for a spot.

Travelers typically find these properties through a vacation rental listing site. A short term rental property indicates any accommodations developed for short term residing purpose only. This ensures that the property consistently goes under rental process to new guests who come in and enjoy the accommodation.


Benefits of short-term rental process

More income

Short-term rentals produce at least 50% more revenue than long-term rentals.


We carry out systematic property management service and clean it thoroughly every three days in a week on average. We also amortize the accommodation as part of the maintenance function.

For investors

In case of investments, there might be a property ROI limit of maximum 8 years.

Higher occupancy

You can hit an annual booking rate of up to 90%.

Legal business

With the support of our reliable team and specialist tax lawyer, we have 100% legal property management

Incorporated rules & regulations

Target clients

Typically, owners and/or property managers require a short-term holiday rental license to be able to lease it instead of longer-term accommodation to those looking for shorter-term accommodation. Some cities may also require you to have evidence that you are not renting out your primary residence.

Government regulations

The government sets all the rules for opening and managing short-term rental accommodations to ensure operators and management firms with tenants and guests conform to the general requirements and safety details set out therein.

Safety & compliance check

This will ensure that they are in accommodation that is safe and up to standard safety ratings and codes. One should collect all license and permits from local government offices to operate a short-term rental service.

Our guest support initiatives in short-term rental service

Preparation of property for short term rental includes house utility equipment to interior amenity checking  and quality furniture and daily usable that guests prefer during the short term tenancy and ultimately satisfy tenant requirements. We sort out the items you need and what need to be omitted from the property.

On the other hand, when it comes of hospitality for the guests and clients, we takes care of an automated emails and messages with check-in information, 24/7 customer support, house rules and guest descriptions setup. All this makes your guest experience better.

Our guest support initiatives in short-term rental service
Monitoring and housekeeping services in SHORT-TERM RENTALS Infographic

Monitoring and housekeeping services

Our technology resources and a large IT and accounting team take care of regular price and occupancy changes to ensure full returns as well as ensure proper security and surveillance facility to clients.

Simultaneously, we use special apps and other modern tech supports to keep in line an efficient housekeeping and professional landlord and tenant service for short term rental accommodations. This makes the monitoring process much easier and helps us to ensure a high level of cleaning, housekeeping and maintenance service for the promises.

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