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In-depth ownership checking gives you a full access to verify the property owner you are willing to deal with. can open up the door for you and can assist you in this particular real estate verification field.

Importance of in-depth ownership checking

Purchasing a property is an important investment decision in your career. So, it is only logical that you are fully conscientious and take wise decisions during real estate asset purchase. You must understand that, property ownership transfer process is pretty much hassling and prone to several forgery process on the field. You must also realize that you have to deal with this issue with an in-depth ownership verification process to avoid any of such future complications.

If you did not buy your property from a verified source, your investment journey may face problems later on. But with us, you will get a bunch of useful services which will lead you to an effective and reliable in-depth ownership checking process.

In-depth ownership checking intro
Key points at a glance
  • Land owner screening and verifying process
  • Analyzing background and historical facts about both property and current land owner
  • Property document authenticity verification to identify and issues and disputes
  • Introducing Khatian and Porcha and mutations
  • Government regulations, property taxation process and field surveys
Property & Accurate Rental Rate Infographic
Property & Accurate Rental Rate Infographic

Evaluate the property & accurate rental rate

  • Carry out thorough documentation of the interior and exterior, including photographs
  • Provide advice on maintenance and cosmetic upgrades that optimize monthly rent while offering good ROI.
  • Collect data on rental rates in the region and work with owners to determine the optimum rental rate. Rent research can vary but should involve looking at the recently rented comparable by size and form.
  • Discuss with owners regarding pros and cons of various policies, such as adopting dogs or permission of smoking, etc.
  • Set up meeting regarding finalizing the property deal.
In-depth ownership checking process infographic
Our steps for an in In-depth ownership checking process

We undertakes several processes to verify property owner on behalf of our clients. Our typical steps comprises of 3 major steps:

Information collection

An investor must collect all kinds of important and relevant information from authorities. Especially plot (daag) number, present possessor, khatian number, holding address is important. If these documents are not available then the ownership of this property is in question.

Investigating ownership history

Sequentially, the next thing that comes is collecting the history of the property. you can obtain the basic idea from the present possessor and the neighborhood people. The history should be checked also for the document that was provided.

Authenticity of property deeds

The first thing while checking the document is to get the authenticity of the document. All the registration information is available in the sub-registrar office. If an applicant inherit a property, the partition deed(Bonton-nama) and predecessor deeds have to go under necessary checking.

Understanding Khatian or Porcha

Khatian or porcha is available in the land office or toshil office, Dc office. One should collect all important papers like khatian or porcha of the properly. The owner’s name should match against the deed history.

If there are some documents missing on the way, there should be a proper explanation for the missing document otherwise it’s better to look for another solutions to recover missing documents. We suggest you to seek for our professionals in  this very sector who work with the government personnel at a daily basis. They can handle your paper misplacements and can prepare a new one, based on the authenticity of that particular document.

Rajuk managed property in PRE-PURCHASE DOCUMENTATION documents in
Mutation khatian in in-depth ownership checking

Mutation Khatian

The name of the present owner must appear in the latest khatian or porcha, it’s mandatory to mutate the present owner’s name by replacing the old owner’s name in the khatian or porcha. Three documents should be available for property mutation.

These are: 

  1. Mutation Khatian,
  2. Duplicate Carbon Rashid (DCR),
  3. Mutation proposal letter (Namjari Jomavag prostabpotro).

In-depth ownership checking & government Leased Property

A large number of properties in Bangladesh are under lease agreements with the government. This criterion of lease varies but in most cases, government leases those lands via government sub-sectors such as Dept. of public works, Rajuk (Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripokkho), CDA, etc. You must have the permission of government agencies for any kind of leasing process on marked lands.

Government Leased Property in In-depth ownership checking
Approved plan section in pre purchase documentation

In-depth ownership checking on tax Record & property plan Approvals

You should check the Land Tax (Khajna) documents thoroughly. If the land tax of the property or land remains unpaid for a long duration of time, the government has the right to take the property back.

Next comes the property plan approval phase. If there is a building existing on the property or in case of a flat or apartment, you need verification of the building plan, and approval letter to make sure that the apartment i by following the approved plan.

Physical survey and final agreements under In-depth ownership checking

While doing the on-field verification process or otherwise known as due diligence on property owner , the possibility of running into trouble with the land or property becomes inevitable. Hence, the buyer should visit the property in person along with legal assistance if necessary and try to verify whether there are any disputes or problems with the possessor of the property.

It ensures and rechecks that there is no hidden issues and agendas lie behind the asset that might downgrade your real estate investment portfolio and hamper your investment plans in long run.

Physical survey and final agreements under In-depth ownership checking
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