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Looking for pre-purchase support when decided to buy a property? Enjoy our market leading and privileged property pre-purchase assistance service in Bangladesh!

It is with no doubt that you have to go through a robust pre-purchase requirement check-list, to begin with, the asset venture in the market. Real estate purchasers often being ill-treated in the industry.

Most agents and brokers provide very little services, in return for the money they receive and investors hardly get genuine services and assessments in the field.

When the current scenario got this miserable in the market, we came up with the professional services that commit to give you an appropriate assistance services in the real estate industry of the country.

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Key Points At a Glance

  • Real estate pre-buying assistance is absolutely necessary to bring out a smooth buying process of assets in the market.
  • It prevents any unnecessary botheration and harassments at purchaser’s side during dealing process.
  • This type of assistance in property zone includes all necessary evaluations including land verifications, financial, documental and governmental checkups under property discipline.
  • Pre purchase assistance ensures an early warning for any potentially risky property field.
Property pre-purchase assistance Activities infograph

Property pre-purchase assistance Activities

Real estate verification- Before the final signup, let us assist you to verify the property in person with our expert real estate surveyors.

Capital evaluation- Money matters in the real estate business. We, therefore, run an early financial evaluation process.

Government requisitions- Let us deal with all complex government compliances and regulations, so that, you have a seamless asset purchase.

Document management- Managing pre requisition documents can be hassling. Why don’t you just leave that to us?

Asset planning- Asset planning is vital and this has to be carried out at the early stage of a real estate venture.

Compliance checkup- Property pre-requisitions demand a thorough real estate compliance checkup for pinpointing any possible disputes.

Importance of pre-purchase assistance

Each and every pre-purchase solutions we provide are extremely effective and useful from a real estate investor’s point of view. The reasons can be:

  • Saves precious time of document compiling, management, and punctual distributions.
  • Keeps you safe from real estate complex litigations.
  • Through this, we ensure you enjoy the fullest of all facilities once put your money on properties.
  • Collect all authority approvals necessary on behalf of you.
  • Finally, unlike other local agents, we are committed to give you the best before buying assistance service against the value.
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The Best Pre-Purchase Assistance Service In Nation Is Right Here

Our functionalities in pre-purchase operation

  • Our experts in the team comes with effective and proactive document management.
  • Pre-contract agreements verifications along with superb liaison with the government body.
  • Early property compliance and amenity inspections.
  • Market evaluations and neighborhood analysis before the final property purchase.
  • Scrutinize any hidden disputes based on neighbor’s opinions, historic records and documents in favor of the real estate investors.
  • Document compile, distributions and managements for final property registrations.
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