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We always recommend a thorough property background check before planning to put your hard-earned money on a real estate project in Bangladesh.

Property background check and its gravity in property sector

Buying a property can be a significantly complex mission amid a thorough proper background check. When any investor comes for our assistance, we strongly recommend them to invest a good chunk of time on property background checking. Investment in real estate requires imminent purchasers who carry out a careful search of property information prior to making all necessary endorsements.

When instances comes in, we often deploy our property background verification service team on the field to assist our investor clients gather data at an upper hand regarding property history and any possible quirks in the asset. In this case, every professionals you encounter during property background checks are well- experienced in relevant field. This makes sure that you gets superior verification services in business.

Freehold properties under pre purchase documentation process

Key points at a glance

  • Property background checks comprises verification of integrity and authenticity of the real estate land.
  • This process allows a professional survey of the property in search of legal or physical disputes.
  • The background checking of asset limits potential risks that may appear in the asset
  • Forecast any upcoming risk factors based on history analysis of the land or property.
  • Property background checking service is economic but very effective in long run.
Property background check attributes infographic
Property background check attributes infographic

Our attributes in property background check

Integrity of the property- Property that has no compliance issues and meets the client’s list of requirements as per agreements.

Government Disputes- Government often issue property acquisitions without any valid agenda.

Checking Property Documents- As for the property documentation, It demands thorough verification for ownership authenticity.

Land Survey- Our professionals will do the survey process for you and also land  background check.

Land acquisition Assistance- We provide the land acquisition service and assist in all the required legal formalities.

Property Evaluation- Our team evaluates the property value by the current market trend with client satisfaction.

In- depth about property background verifications

Property background check is the research phase of buying property. It gives the buyer the opportunity to have the property inspected. Our professionals investigate the land or home for possible neighborhood downfalls, complications in titles, having indebtedness, environmental complexities, legal boundaries or any complex litigations.

By examining the property’s ins and outs, you limit many of those risk factors that may pops up later when you endeavor to protect, sell, or adjust the property under your ownership.

However, the price isn’t high for a service relating property verification and background forgery protection. So, undertaking dedicated steps can bring eventually down the possible danger of purchasing an awful property in the market.

In-depth about property background verifications
our service importance in property background check
What make our services important?

We are ready with a state of the art functionalities in the real estate investment business. We sets up examples in the market based on the result gathered after years of try and errors. As a result, we have high-end service packages with a fantastic reputations in the current industry. Some justifications behind implementing our services in relevant field include:

  • Carry out thorough property inspections and on-field surveys wherever relevant.
  • In-depth analysis and verifications to figure out any trace of forgery issues in the property
  • We have partners of leading survey buraus that gives us an advantage in verifications process.
  • Our property background verification service gives you an upper hand information about property history
  • Every professionals you encounter in background verification process are excellent at their relevant field.

Our Other Services


Pre-Purchase Assistance

Our company is pledged to give you a rational and appropriate pre-purchase support services in the real estate industry, so that you can enjoy a smoother journey to your real estate career.


Procurement Services

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Purchase paper Checking

No need to deal with hundreds of documents and deeds at property purchase phase when we offer faster and expert real estate purchase document management and verification services for you.

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