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Looking for pre-phase support when decided to buy a property? Enjoy our privileged property pre-purchase assistance service in Bangladesh!

Suppose you are up for a property business. You have eventually collected and drafted some paperwork you have been informed about, but do you think that’s all you need? For property purchase, you need to gather and complete quite a lot of agreements and documents. For instance, real estate registration documents, tax, vat forms, City Corporation, and municipality approval documents, legal compliance, lease papers provided by Rajuk, and so on.

It sometime gets quite hard for an investor to check and verify each and every document before final submission. There is a big chance of missing documents and errors in drafting. That is where we come into play. We keep in check the proper documentation and drafting process both for local as well as foreign clients and make sure no paperwork gets missed out in the process of real estate purchase.

purchase documentation checking intro
Key Points At a Glance
  • Purchase document verifications is compulsory as if found forged can  end up to even jail sentences for fraudulent cases.
  •     Checking reinsures query of any missing files required for property purchase
  • Purchase documentation checking makes sure all paperwork are drafted and attached as per government recommendations.
  • The team involved in the checking process thoroughly check, mark and inform any issues found in the documentation process.
steps of pre-purchase documentation checking infograph
steps of pre-purchase documentation checking infograph
Steps Of Purchase Documentation Checking

COLLECTING- Purchase documentation checking for a real estate project demands piles of documents. Each of these documents is vital as far as government and authoritarian approvals and verifications of property documents are concerned. With that fact in mind, this collecting phase arranges necessary documents from different authority bodies working in the real estate sectors of Bangladesh.

COMPILING- Once the document collection is done, it’s time to draft and compile each and every document according to order and authority recommendations. Our team puts the exclusive focus on clients during the document compiling phase. It eventually helps systematic drafting, filing, and compiling of documents.

INSPECTING- Only drafting and compile leaves many errors on the documents. This eventually arises issues in long run during the final submission and verification phase of the real estate investment process. We can’t let that happen to our clients on the market. Therefore, on behalf of the clients, we inspect and revise purchase deeds and agreements before entering the next phase.

VERIFYING- The final phase comes with the verification process of the document. This involves an In-depth checking and verification process of the required real estate documents. This also involves verifications as well as proper authentications of all the papers from designated government bodies involved.

Property purchase documents: Sorting and verifying

Many national, as well as international professional bodies, fall in jeopardy due to not maintaining proper sorting and verifying of client’s purchase agreement documents and deeds. We have years of professional experience in this field and have grown a market reputation over the time.

So, we dedicate extra time on sorting each and every property purchase paperwork of our clients with superior property management features and also verify authenticities with utmost priority. This helps us minimize any possible disputes that can arise during the service providing process to our delicate clients in relevant field.

Property purchase documents Sorting and verifying
Our experts in Purchase documentation checking
About our experts in relevant field

We deploy professionals; preferably lawyers specialized in this particular field along with experienced registers for purchase document handling processes. These individuals work in systematic synchronization pattern when processing real estate documents for any individual clients. Moreover, we strictly maintain a one-on-one service policy to avoid any cross-contamination of service related attributes or mixing-up of the client’s documents while handling during service.

Verdict From Our Experts

“Here in we are confident to have a well-optimized team. Each team members are superb at their own real estate field. So, when it comes to asset purchasing documentation sorting and verifying, we provide unparalleled service in the industry. We would like to grow with the flow in the real estate industry of Bangladesh and would like to set a standard before any competitors in the country. “

Experts opinion in purchase documentation checking
clients opinion in purchase documentation checking
Our professionalism reflects through our client's opinion

“Handling documents, especially property documents is time constrain and complicated. At first, I literally had to manage dozens of deeds, approvals from various government bodies, and property paperwork, until intervened. Expert agents and professionals in this company took care of all my hassles.”

“They made the purchase documentation management process much convenient and manageable for me. Moreover, they are fully reliable and well-focused in this property field. I highly recommend this company and their service providers to any current or emerging entrepreneurs investing in the real estate sector of Bangladesh!”

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