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Rent, Buy and Commercial & Residential Property Investment

Retail REITs in Residential, Office Building invIT, property investment strategies that can ensure positive cash in-flow to your revenue.

Mortgage REITs: Property Investment In Real Estate For Maximum Return

Property Purchase Assistance service


Multi-year leases on our commercial properties are possible for better cash flow stability.

Total Background Inspection service


Residences, apartment buildings, and second homes are all examples of residential real estate.

360 degree property management services

9% Or More Dividend Yields

Dividend yield is calculated by dividing the stock’s share price by the annual dividend per share.

agent and brokerage services

Tax Benefits

Real estate investors get a lot from making new investments, including tax deductions.


Steady Income

Real estate investors get a lot from making new investments, including tax deductions.


Litigations & legal Services

legal considerations involved in establishing & investing across a variety of fund.

Investment Strategy

Offering asset owners maximum flexibility in addressing multiple real asset requirements

Crowdfunding Package
Retirement Package
Single Family Accommodation Package
Home Appliances Package
Family Package
P2P Lending Package

InvITs to Diversify The Portfolio And Get 8-10% Returns OR Yields

1. Rental

Our residential property agents also called Letting agents sort out potential tenants interested in renting or leasing residential property investment.

2. Commercial Space

Our company agents carry out market analysis on commercial premises for leasing or purchasing, on behalf of our clients. Finds the best property for renting and selects it.

3. Hotel

A hotel lease is a contract between the landlord, and the hotel operators, who leases the hotel property and while renting the hotel room to other profitable renters.

4. Flipping Houses

Buying damaged houses, fixing them up, and then reselling them for a profit is known as house flipping. These homes will often be discovered through bank short sales, foreclosures, or real estate auctions.

5. Vacation Rental

Short-term rentals, sometimes known as vacation rentals, are lodging options for travelers. These lodging options can include houses, condominiums, villas, flats. They can also vary from high luxury resorts.

6. Wholesaling

Our brokers and agents can give you industry leading land acquisition solutions to solve your property demands in Bangladesh. Wholesalers buy products from various manufacturers and resell them to retailers.

Property Investment Perspective

REITs are to distribute a minimum of 80% of net income to the investor.

Do You Have a Property in Gulshan, Banani, Uttara or Basundhara?

If you are Interested in Property Investment, don’t be late. We are Your Secure partner For 100% Risk-free Investment.
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