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Realestates offers dynamic, intelligent, and cooperative investment solutions such as Private and Commercial Property, Investment and Business Consulting, Financial Management, Legal Assistance and Counselling, Market Access Services, Country Representation, and Tax and Accounting packages. If you want to invest your money then our investment areas are enough for you.

investment areas

We Cover Such As Many Investment Areas

Residential Property:    

  1. Studio Apartment.
  2. Service Apartment.
  3. Co-Living.
  4. Shared House.

Commercial Property:   

  1. Virtual Space.
  2. Shared Office Space.
  3. Co-Working Space.
  4. Serviced Office Space.

Why Our Covering Areas Are Best?

Our firm successfully providing apartments In Dhaka, Bangladesh with good facilities and wonderful architecture with the goal of fostering a modern lifestyle for city people. Our loyalty to providing our clients with superb apartments has earned us the trust of our clients over the last decade. We have many investment areas where you can invest you easily.

Best Residential Property

Studio Apartment: We provide top class studio apartment services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our apartment are fully furnished, good interior look and located in the best place.

Service apartment: Our service apartment size are very popular because of customer requirement. They are also fully furnished and belong to best places in Dhaka.

Co-Living Space: We always like to take places in the best location with reliable cost in Dhaka. For this reason people like our space for living and share place with others.

Shared House: Now a days shared house becoming more popular in Dhaka city. Because the cost of a house rent is too much. So people loves to rent our shared house.

Best Commercial Property Investment Areas

Virtual Space: After the Covid- 19 pandemic virtual address now the most demandable business address. We provide the best virtual services in Bangladesh

Shared Office Space: Shared office space are now top wanted in Dhaka city. Because the office renting cost in Dhaka is very high. So, it’s very popular term.

Co-Working Space: Co-working space are the same as shared work space. Our Co-working space is the most popular in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Serviced Office Space: Rent a office space in Dhaka is not a easy task.  We provide the best  office space which are located in top place in Dhaka city.

Hotel: We have also hotel business in Dhaka city. You can invest your money to us for buy or rent a hotel you can be more benefited from us.

investment areas

Whom We Are Working With

We work with a large number of clients in the real estate market. Our clients come from a range of backgrounds. Yet we usually have a lot of foreign delegates on our client list. Often, they are private investors and people holding portfolios. We also work with vulnerable individuals that have important legal property issues in hand.

investment areas

More Features

1. Searching for inland office records to verify the validity of any text.

2. Land acquisition and development process including joint ventures.

3. Commercial real estate transactions and leasing.

4. Establishment and licensing of Real Estate businesses.

5. Dispute resolution including litigation services, local & global arbitration.

6. Representing clients in the court proceedings.

7. Inspecting legal documents such as mortgage papers, taxes, etc.

8. Preparing, drafting, and checking tenders and project documents.

9. Preparing deeds, agreements, and leases.

10. Due diligence in complicated or higher priced transactions.

Do You Have Any Question?

Do you allow me to your management team?

You could be our partner but when you want to be a member of management team there will be some condition. Our Professional team will contact you and sign agreement with you.

What are your working areas?

We cover the top areas in Dhaka. Gulshan, Banani, Uttara, Bashundhara are the most wanted area where we have work.

What responsibility do have I maintain?

You can only thing to do, Invest your money to us with a trusted agreement and take rest. Our expert will maintain all the issues. You will be more benefited from us.

What should I study to become an investor?

If you want to be a financial professional, you should get a bachelor’s in finance and economics. These majors’ courses can be quite related. Accounting, banking, managerial finance, branding, business ethics, and corporate finance are all required courses for finance majors.

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