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High-Yield Real Estate Investments

investment in properties that can generate annual net yields from 7.5 % to 9% more, plus their revaluation over time


1. Studio Apartment

2. Service Apartment

3. Co-Living

4. Shared House


1. Virtual Space

2. Shared Office Space

3. Co-Working Space

4. Serviced Office Space


1. Long-Term

2. Short-Term

3. Service Office

4. furnish Apartment


Our Legacy of Success Prepares Us for the Future

We have devoted more than 20 years to assisting our clients in building and protecting wealth through commercial real estate investment sales. We started off with a single office in Bangladesh and have since expanded to over offices all around the city of Dhaka. To assist you in finding possibilities that meet your particular investment objectives, we also created the largest, most dependable sales staff in the sector. Contact a professional right away.

Investment Management

A Brief Introduction to Investment Management

The purpose of professional investment management is to meet specific investment goals for the benefit of clients whose money they are in charge of managing. Investors may be individual investors or institutional investors such as pension funds, retirement plans, governments, educational institutions, and insurance companies.

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Benefits Of Investment

The advantages of investing are numerous. Let’s see how this typical investment strategy might be a profitable one. Here are a few advantages of stock investment.

  1. Capital Gains
    Capital gain refers to the sale of an asset for a profit. One of the long-term goals of investing in shares is to achieve this when a person notices a big increase in share prices..
  2. Dividends
    A dividend is a monetary payment provided to shareholders as a portion of the company’s profit at the end of each fiscal year. One receives more money the larger the units of shareholdings they own.
  3. Liquidity
    As a result of their relatively liquid character, listed shares can be purchased and traded swiftly on an exchange platform. When compared to other financial products, it is quite inexpensive and hassle-free to use, requiring neither a broker nor a transferee. Other than redeeming the entire share portfolio, trading on an exchange also enables one to sell individual share parcels.

Our Partners

In the real estate industry, we work with a sizable number of clients. Many different people make up our clientele. However, our client list frequently includes a large number of foreign delegations. Frequently, they are private investors and portfolio managers. We also assist vulnerable people who are dealing with serious property disputes.

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