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Check The Property Ownership In Bangladesh

It is important to verify the ownership of any property before purchasing it in Bangladesh. Property ownership disputes are very common in Bangladesh. Property documents are easily faked and untrustworthy. If a person is not cautious when purchasing a property, he or she may face problems, including possible litigation over property ownership, at a later date. However, determining property ownership in Bangladesh is a time-consuming task. We will make it done easily for you.

Property ownership check services in Bangladesh

Various Types Of Property Ownership

Property ownership can be private, collective, or common, with a legal determination determining who has the “bundle of rights” and responsibilities over the property. Ownership is said to be ego, which means that property owner has the legal right to the financial advantages of that property.

Personal Ownership

This type of ownership entails the property being entitled to a single name, with no additional owners. When an individual owner dies, the property typically goes through estate to be allowed to pass on to those named as inheritance of the title.

Joint Ownership

Joint Tenancy: All owners have an equal right of ownership, and it could not be sold or mortgaged unless all owners agree. Whenever one of the legal owner dies, no need for probate; ownership easily goes to the surviving owners.

Tenancy By The Majority: A kind of of joint ownership between two people, typically a husband and wife. When one dies, ownership automatically moves to the other without the need for probate.

Common Tenancy: Each individual ‘tenant in common’ owns a certain percentage of the property ownership. Each ‘tenant in common’ has the right to withdraw, mortgage, or sell their portion of the property.

Contractual Obligations: This is a situation in which an individual owns property through headline by contract. This can include things like being payable on death, transferring on death, holding in believe for, life land holdings, and so on.

The Property Ownership Checking Process

Collect Information: All relevant details about the property ownership should be gathered. The plot (dag) number, khatian number, present proprietor, and holding address are all critical. It may be impossible to check the data of the property in question without this information.

Find Out The Property History: The buyer should then look into the property’s history. A primary concept should be gained from the current owner and locals. This history must be cross-checked against the property’s relevant documents.

Authenticity Of The Title Deed: The first and most important step in examining property documents is to verify the authenticity of the title deed(s). This can be achieved by implementing a search in the appropriate Sub Registry Office. A certificate of the deed can also be obtained by paying a small govt fee to the Sub Registrar.

Check The Khatian: Khatian or Porcha can be found in local land office and the Dc Office. All relevant documents should be certified and checked. The owner’s name should be cross-checked against the history supplied in the deeds. If there really is a discrepancy, it should be explained properly.

Confirm The Mutation Khatian: If the name of the current owner does not appear in the most recent Khatian/Porcha, his/her name must be mutated in the place of the old holder in the Khatian/Porcha. In mutation, three documents should be included:

i) a mutation proposal letter.
ii) Carbon Rashid Duplicate (DCR).
iii) Mutation Khatian.

Without Mutation, no one can transfer property ownership to another person.

property ownership

If The Government Leases The Property

Many properties in Bangladesh (particularly residential property in cities) are leased from of the government. These leases have varying terms. In the majority of cases, the government rented these properties throughout its agencies and departments of Public Projects, RAJUK, CDA, and so on. Permissions from government agencies are almost always required for any type of activity on leased land.

An interested party should physically inspect the relevant property’s records at the relevant government buildings.

Tax Receipt
It is necessary to examine the land tax (Khajna) record. If a property’s land tax is not paid, the govt may take the property.

Approval And Building Plan
If there is a building on the property, or if it is a apartment, the customer should check the building plan and approval letter to ensure that the building is built according to the plan.

Physical Checking OF The Property: 
The interested buyer should go to the property in person to see if there are any issues with the property ownership or possession.

Why Choose Our Property Ownership Check Services

1. Our team’s experts provide active and effective document management.
2. Pre-contract agreement verifications, as well as excellent liaison with the govt. body
3. Inspections of property compliance and amenities as soon as possible.
4. Market assessments and neighborhood analysis prior to final property purchase
5. Examine any hidden disputes in favor of investment in real estate based on neighbour’s house opinions, historical records, and documents.
6. Document compilation, distribution, and management in preparation for the last property registrations.

Any Question For Ask

How can I look up the property ownership online in Bangladesh?

Anyone in the world can now obtain a copy of the record by visiting the websites,, and Khatiyan or record of privileges or Porcha are documents prepared through study for the process of ascertaining possession, ownership, and evaluating land development tax.

What exactly is a title search?

Before investing, purchasing, selling, or leasing a property, a careful study of the estate and evaluate of all property papers is performed. It is a process in which one takes reasonable and necessary steps, which may include conducting a search in the Registrar Office and trying to read through various Acts and Regulations.

How do you determine the legality of land?

The most important aspect of checking property documents is determining the validity of the Title Deed. A sub-registry workplace search can be used to confirm this. Each registration deed has a record of the initial deed in which it was enrolled at the Sub Registry Office.

How much land can one person own in Bangladesh?

You have exclusive land ownership for an indefinite period of time. According to Bangladeshi law, no private citizen may own more than 20 acres of farmland. Common Law Freehold ownership is estimated to account for 69 percent of agricultural landowners in Bangladesh today.

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