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We offer a range of real estate listing and marketing services to our clients for investment. Our goal is to make you happy, and one way we do this is by helping you sell your home at a price and under terms that work for you.


Our Investment Scope

Attractive market investments on compelling platforms

1. We search for solid foundations in a company and/or market generalist interest, but with expertise in industries including food, lifestyle & leisure, medical facilities, outsourcing, and building materials.

2. Food, manufacturing, retail, and business services experience

Commercial Property agent services

Our Wide Range of Investments

1. Enterprise Value: 10 to 200 million euros

2. collaborating with co-investors to obtain higher equity tickets or particular knowledge

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Industrial Agent services

Our Stock Market Holdings For Investment

Real Estates is one of the industries with a long industrial history. A venture capital firm called Real Estate works with business owners to concentrate on the long-term growth and global expansion of its portfolio companies.

We take a flexible approach to investing, thus we are open to a range of buyout and growth capital opportunities in Belgium and globally.

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Possibility of Developing a Growth Tale

Possibility for a business to expand

  1. Launching 
  2. internationalization
  3. Consolidation 
  4. Transformation of the corporation
  5. Succession
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Analyzing Investments: Nature and Scope

1. Principle Safety: Investment analysis properly evaluates the stock before making any kind of investment, ensuring the safety of the principal. It assesses the risk associated with securities, lowering the possibility of income and capital loss.

2. Strengthens Portfolio: Forming a good portfolio begins with making the appropriate stock selections. For the purpose of determining which form of security best matches a portfolio, investment analysis examines various securities. In order to achieve the intended results, it focuses on matching the securities with the portfolio’s goals.

3. Improve Return: Investment analysis is effective at increasing investors’ overall return. It placed more attention on the level of risk and amount of return when calculating the stock’s profitability. It aids in choosing investment strategies with more income predictability and reduced risk.

4. Provides Financial Knowledge: It improves people’s general financial comprehension who are looking for a strategic investment plan. Numerous tools and procedures are utilized when examining the securities, which yields a wealth of informative data. With the help of this knowledge, investors may make logical investment selections with a higher return and lower risk.

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