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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about local and foreigner individual investments is investment security. There are numerous ways to invest your money in Bangladesh, but if you want a safe and profitable individual investment, real estate is unquestionably a good option.

Scope Of Local Individual Investment

After operating costs and mortgage payments are deducted, the remaining net income in real estate is significantly higher. Real Estate BD can generate cash flow, which is a significant advantage of investing in real estate. You can expect cash inflow instantly after your residential project is completed. And, when compared to other types of individual investment, this one provides a high return. To maximize the benefit, you can sell or rent the property.

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Mortgage REITs

1. Approximately 10% of REIT investments are in mortgages as opposed to the real estate itself.
2. Mortgage REITs get a considerable amount of their capital through secured and unsecured debt offerings.
3. Should interest rates rise, future financing will be more expensive, reducing the value of a portfolio of loans.
4. In a low-interest-rate environment with the prospect of rising rates, most mortgage REITs trade at a discount to net asset value per share.
5. The trick is finding the right individual investment.

Residential REITs

1. These are real estate investment trusts (REITs) that own and manage multi-family rental apartment buildings as well as constructed housing.
2. Before investing in this type of REIT, one should take several factors into account.
3. For example, the best apartment markets tend to be in areas where home affordability is low in comparison to the rest of the country.
4. The high cost of single-family homes in places like Dhaka and Chittagong forces more people to rent, driving up the monthly rent landlords can charge.
5. As a result, Real Estate BD, the largest residential REITs tend to concentrate on large urban areas for individual investment.

Retail REITs

1. Shopping malls and freestanding retail account for approximately 24% of Real Estate BD’s local individual investments.
2. This is Bangladesh’s single largest individual investment by type. Any shopping center you frequent is most likely owned by a REIT.
3. When contemplating a local individual investment in retail real estate, it is necessary to first examine the retail industry.
4. It’s important to keep in mind that retail REITs make money by charging tenants rent.
5. If retail stores are experiencing cash flow issues as a result of poor sales, they will default on their monthly payments, eventually forcing them into bankruptcy.
6. As a result, it’s critical that you partner with Real Estate BD to find the best anchor tenants possible. Grocery and home improvement stores are examples of this.
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Office REITs

Real Estate BD can assist you in investing in office buildings. We obtain rental income from tenants who typically sign long-term leases. Before evaluating anyone’s individual investment opportunity in an office REIT, we consider four factors:

How is the economy doing, and how high is the unemployment rate?
What are the vacancy rates?
How is the economy in the area where the local investor wants to make an investment in office REIT?
How much capital is available for acquisitions?

We also come across REITs that invest in economic powerhouses. It is preferable to own a collection of average buildings outside of Dhaka rather than prime office space in the capital, for example.

Scope Of Local Institutional Individual Investment

Like any other country in the world, Bangladesh’s institutional individual investment sector is critical to both the country’s economy and the fundamental human right to shelter. Aside from physical shelter, institutions can have a significant impact on the lives of residents in terms of skill development, income generation, increased security, health, self-confidence, and human dignity.

Bangladesh, like many other developing countries, is suffering from a severe shortage of affordable institutions in both urban and rural areas.

Healthcare REITs

1. Healthcare REITs is be an interesting subsector to watch as Bangladeshi residents age and healthcare costs rise.
2. Real Estate BD assists you in your individual investment in hospital, medical center, nursing facility, and retirement home real estate.
3. This property’s success is inextricably linked to the healthcare system.
4. The majority of these facilities’ operators rely on occupancy fees, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, and private pay.

Scope Of Foreign Individual Investment

Using the portfolios of a wider set of publicly traded real estate individual investment companies, Real Estate BD investigates the determinants of foreign real estate investment; where foreign investment is defined as the property owner’s headquarters being located in a different country than a given asset. The cross-sectional findings show that when investing abroad, real estate firms are more likely to take a smaller shareholding in larger assets.

When controlling for economic activity, real estate individual investment opportunities, the depth and sophistication of capital markets, investor protection and the legal framework, administration costs and regulatory limitations, and the socio-cultural and political environment at both the property nation and headquarter nation levels, the preference for large assets remains. Foreign ownership is less likely in industrial, office, retail, and self-storage properties in general. Foreign individual investment has consistently been found to be negatively related to capital market development.

Mortgage REITs

1. Real Estate BD holds mortgages and MBS on its balance sheets and funds these investments with both equity and debt.
2. Our overarching goal is to profit from the net interest margin, which is the difference between interest income on our mortgage assets and funding costs.
3. We get our money from a variety of places, including common and preferred equity, repurchase agreements, and other credit facilities.
4. In the foreign individual investment markets, Real Estate BD raises both debt and equity.
5. We generally use less borrowing and more equity capital to fund mortgage and MBS acquisitions than other large mortgage investors.

Residential REITs

1. Real Estate BD gives foreigners the chance to make individual investment in real estate even if they don’t have enough cash to buy a property.
2. We also give foreign investors the chance to buy into real estate without having to take out a large mortgage loan.
3. The properties that we purchase include single-family homes, student housing, apartment buildings, manufactured housing, condo buildings and townhomes.
4. Real Estate BD makes dividend payments to investors on a regular basis.
5. Foreign investors also make money by holding onto their REITs and selling them after they have increased in value.

Retail REITs

1. Real Estate BD owns, operates, manages, acquires, and develops retail-related real estate.
2. These properties include regional shopping malls, outlet centers, shopping centers, strip malls, power centers, and freestanding individual investment opportunities.
3. We use gross leases where the tenant pays a fixed rental rate each month based on the amount of square feet they lease in the property.
4. Real Estate BD is focused on freestanding retail properties utilize triple net leases.
5. Our triple net lease structures enable us to generate very stable cash flows.

Scope Of Foreign Institutional Individual Investment

Large national and international investors, such as hedge funds, endowments, and investment banks, are interested in our institutional-grade real estate. Our core foreign individual investments typically consist of office, retail, industrial, and apartment buildings, while our specialty individual investments consist of hotels, healthcare facilities, senior housing, student housing, self-storage facilities, and mixed-use properties.

Real Estate BD’s Institutional-grade real estate is typically Class A or Class A+ property with a low risk of deterioration during the investment holding period. Regional or national credit tenants with above-average store sales or gross business revenues lease institutional real estate.

Office REITs

1. Real Estate BD seeks revenue from large real estate portfolios, while 90% net income by law is passed through to passive shareholders.
2. We generally invest in office buildings, and look for high-quality structures to generate rising income, or possibly older towers that can be upgraded.
3. Foreign individual investments come in several variations, including ones geared to suburban office markets.
4. From a foreign investor’s perspective, the flexible use of space translates into many companies needing fewer employees in the office at any one time.
5. For foreign investors concerned about inflation, our real estate and rents have long been the bulwark against the declining dollar, offering better protection.

Healthcare REITs

1. Real Estate BD operates many of the specialized facilities that healthcare institutions need to deliver the best care for patients.
2. These facilities include senior living communities, hospitals, medical offices, outpatient facilities, research properties, and skilled nursing facilities.
3. Real Estate BD make money by leasing space in our facilities to foreigners so that they can make individual investments.
4. We benefit from the massive and growing healthcare industry, one of the largest stock market sectors.
5. We also generate net operating income from the fees paid on behalf of patients for their housing and any services provided.
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