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If you want proactively management consistency in your offshore property or asset, one of the best ways you should go through is to look for an expert outsourcing service like

Obtain Buyer Traffic With Our Property Management

Real estate-related searches were enhanced by 253 percent between 2008 and 2012. With so much opportunity online for proactively management, realtors can’t afford to lose out on this valuable traffic; SEO is more important than ever for real estate professionals.

1. We Target Local Keyword Phrases

69% of home buyers begin their search for a home with a local keyword phrase, such as “Real Estate BD.”

We perform proactive management in a variety of cities and regions. We start with the main city where you do business. Build out silos that target other areas from there.

Our website is optimized for search terms like:

  1. Real estate in [City]
  2. Real estate in [City]
  3. Real estate listings in [City]
  4. [City] real estate agent
  5. [City] realtor

2. We Write Blog Post on Homes You’re Especially Keen to Sell

Real Estate BD represents hundreds of listings at any given time, so there are bound to be a few key properties that we are especially eager to sell. Writing blog posts is one way to drive traffic to your site for those specific properties by managing proactively. Each blog post should focus on a specific property’s address, which prospective home buyers will Google. The address becomes the keyword — we adhere to all SEO best practices for property management, such as incorporating the keyword into:

Meta description
Title tag
Alt tag on photos
File name on photos
The content

3. We Take Advantage of Photos and Videos

Photos and videos are important engagement objects on any property management website in a proactive way, but they are especially important on a real estate website. A video tour of the interior of a prospective new home is very appealing to home buyers. In addition to video tours, we are considering video testimonials.

We receive a testimonial every time we sell a home. We record that testimonial right away. Home buyer is overjoyed when they receive their keys. That is an excellent time to request a review.

4. We Make Your Listing Mobile

According to our annual property management report, home buyers are more likely to use mobile real estate sites while at home, at work, waiting in line, at restaurants, and in other people’s homes. Buyers use real estate websites to:

  1. Read through the general home information.
  2. Get directions to a house.
  3. Price comparison
  4. Contrast features
  5. Look through the inventory of a listing company.
  6. Contact a broker.
  7. Find a listing agent.
  8. Examine the feedback
  9. Look into mortgage financing.
  10. Email or call a broker
  11. View a property-related online video.

5. We List Your Property in Our Directories

Real estate BD’s directories receive a lot of traffic, so listing in them is worthwhile is a duty done proactively

6. We Optimize Your Bio on Our Website

We advise you to include your full name in the title tag and meta description. We can change the meta data and optimize those fields to include your name.

We use the bio page to provide contact details and a link to your personal website, in addition to ranking for your name.

7. We Incorporate Your Property in Our Social Media

When it comes to client relationships, social media is an excellent way to establish new ones or strengthen existing ones. Real Estate BD maintains an active social media presence, allowing it to interact with clients wherever they are on a daily basis: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and/or Instagram. We conduct research on your behalf to determine where your target clients are most active socially.

Real estate is all about relationships, so any record you can establish on social media demonstrating your property management expertise is valuable. People will trust you if they vet you and discover a healthy, professional social media presence.


Exclusive Tenant Management Service In The Country

Dealing with tenants can be particularly difficult for property managers. Good tenant management, on the other hand, is critical to keeping your property management customers happy and building a successful property management company.

1. We take the tenant screening process seriously

Choosing the right tenant is the first step toward success in tenant management. Before leasing out a rental property, Real Estate BD conducts a thorough tenant screening process. Asking potential tenants to fill out a rental application is the first step in the screening process. The information provided will indicate whether or not the applicant is eligible to be a tenant. The following are some of the questions we ask on the rental application:

  1. Do you currently rent a home? If so, where is it?
  2. What is your profession?
  3. How much money do you make each month?
  4. When would you like to move in?
  5. How many people will live in the house?
  6. How many animals do you have?
  7. Have you ever been kicked out?
  8. Are you ready to sign a one-year lease?

2. We have a detailed lease agreement

The lease agreement is extremely important in tenant management. It is a legal document that spells out what the tenants and landlord can and cannot do, as well as what will happen if the lease terms are broken. The lease should be written in plain English so that anyone can understand it. Parking, lawn maintenance, property alterations, pest control, property use, pet clause, and subletting should all be covered. The agreement should also state the consequences of the tenant failing to pay rent.

3. We manage the rental property professionally

As a residential property management company, we strive to interact with our tenants in the most professional manner possible. Communication with tenants should be professional, cordial, and clear, whether via email, phone, or in person. The renter must understand from the start that the property manager should be taken seriously. We make certain that all lease terms are followed, including rental property maintenance, timely rent collection, and eviction when necessary.

4. We have a clear procedure for collecting rent

We have a clear procedure in place from the start to make collecting rent easier. We give our tenants specific instructions on when and how to pay their rent. Bank deposits, mobile payments, and online rent payments are all possibilities. We send automated reminders 5 days before the due date, mentioning the exact date rent is due.

5. We retain good tenants with incentives

Good tenants are hard to come by. When we find a great renter, we find a way to keep them. Real Estate BD increases resident retention by upgrading a rental property. For example, we may apply a fresh coat of paint, replace the flooring, construct a children’s play area, or install new lighting fixtures. We let the tenant choose what they want to upgrade or replace in order to give them a sense of ownership.

6. We require renters insurance

Even though we provide property management insurance proactively, we require our tenants to obtain their own renter’s insurance. This will protect their belongings and provide additional liability protection for the landlord.

7. We respect the tenant’s privacy

A tenant has the right to privacy once he or she moves into a potential rental property proactively. We do not enter the rental house or compound unless we have permission. We give at least two weeks’ notice when undertaking an inspection or making repairs. We only enter the property without permission during an emergency. We make certain to follow local rental laws, which specify when a landlord can enter and also how much notice must be given.

8. We have a strategy for increasing rent that won’t cost you tenants

Before raising our rent, we make certain that we are in compliance with the state’s rent control laws. Some states, for example, do not permit rent increases during the first year.

In terms of tenant management, we do everything possible to keep tenants after a rent increase. We notify our tenants in advance of our intention to raise the rent and make certain to explain the reasons for the increase.

9. We deal with bad tenants quickly

Even after a comprehensive vetting process, anyone could end up with a difficult tenant in their rental property. This could be someone who listens to loud music late at night, is drunk and disorderly in the neighborhood, or is involved in the sale of illegal drugs. Criminal activity is reported to the police, and difficult tenants are evicted as soon as possible.

10. We handle evictions properly

Evictions are not the most enjoyable aspect of tenant management, but they must be carried out when a tenant violates the lease terms. The first step is to learn about the local laws governing eviction proceedings. For example, the time required to evict a renter varies by location. Some states allow tenants to stay in a rental property for up to 60 days after receiving an eviction notice. Understanding the eviction laws in your area will keep you out of unnecessary lawsuits.

We Customize Net Lettable Area Calculations For You

Real Estate BD believes the following is the best practice approach to measuring net lettable areas as part of a lease negotiation:

Step 1: Determine the methods to be used proactively

Step 2: Reach an agreement on the measurements obtained.

Step 3: Agree on rental rates.

Our management services and net lettable area plan presentations provide the most accurate explanation of the method of measurement for your specific site. When negotiating rental calculations with incoming or existing tenants, you can have peace of mind knowing you have the correct area if your commercial portfolio spans.

1. Initial consultation to ensure that we can meet your requirements by managing proactively
2. Determine a work scope.
3. A site visit with one of our qualified technicians equipped with the necessary data collection equipment is scheduled.
4. The data is then processed by our team, which is based in one of our offices across the country.
5. Our QA process then independently reviews all plans or drawings.
6. After that, all deliverables are created for viewing in PDF, AutoCAD, or Revit.
7. We can also create a 3D scan or virtual tour proactively of your property to create a fully interactive view of the property.

Increase Potential Rentals With Our Property Management Service Proactively

1. Determine the fair market rent

We consider the following factors when setting the rent:

  1. Area median household and per capita income
  2. Singles and families are examples of prospective tenants.
  3. The average rent charged by the competition
  4. A large garage or a community swimming pool are examples of property amenities that justify a higher rent.

2. Market the vacant home for rent

  1. We make a rental advertisement.
  2. Syndicate listings to the top online rental listing services automatically.
  3. Send leads from prospective tenants to the landlord directly.
  4. Offer online rental application and screening services.
  5. While charging the applicant for the service, request credit, criminal background, and evictions reports.
  6. Create and sign a tailored lease for the state in which the rental property is located.

3. Inspect and maintain the property

We address maintenance and repair issues as soon as they arise, increasing the likelihood of the tenant renewing the lease.

We carry out routine inspections of the interior and exterior of the property after providing the tenant with the required notice. This allows us to catch minor issues before they become major and costly.

Finally, we conduct cyclical maintenance on the roof, heating and cooling system, water heater, and appliances to help them last longer and keep capital expenses within budget.

4. Collect the rent and enforce the lease

Investors buy rental property to make money, and making money starts with collecting rent in full and on time. We use online rent payment systems like Cozy and TenantCloud for same-day rent payment collection, with any processing fees paid by the tenant, instead of waiting for the check in the mail.

5. Evict tenants who don’t pay the rent

Rather than throwing good money after bad, Real Estate BD takes a more pragmatic approach and offers a tenant cash in exchange for returning the keys and vacate the property. While paying a tenant to leave may seem counterintuitive, cash for keys is a strategy used to avoid a costly eviction and quickly get the rental property cash flowing again.

6. Use a good rental property accounting system

  1. We keep track of an unlimited number of single-family, multifamily, and short-term rental properties.
  2. Track your income and expenses automatically.
  3. Reports can be generated and tax-ready financials exported.
  4. Maintain an eye on financial performance at the property and portfolio levels.
  5. With the iOS and Android apps, you can keep track of your expenses on the go.
  6. Organize and safely store real estate documents

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you going to find tenants for my property?

Your property will be advertised on our website and in various rental marketing directories, along with photos. In addition, we thoroughly screen applicants. A Property Information Sheet with all of the necessary information will be ready for your property.

What qualities are typically sought in tenants?

Employment stability – this will tell you whether the tenant is likely to stay for the specified lease period and whether they have the funds to do so.

Ability to pay the rent – good credit history

Avoid overcrowding – By inquiring about the number of people who will live in the property. Overcrowding can lead to premature wear and tear.

Identity Proof – Request a photocopy of your driver’s license from the property manager.

What will the rent on my investment property be?

Several market factors, including the state of the house, location, and rental rates for competing homes in the immediate area, will determine your lease rate through managing proactively. Unfortunately, the markets that influence property value differ greatly from those that influence lease rates. Please contact our office so that we can discuss this in relation to your specific property.

How do Property Inspections Function?

The property manager conducts regular inspections of the property when accepting the rental, midway through a lease term, when a tenant moves out, and at any other time requested by the owner. Periodic inspections are recommended to determine the extent of tenant damage (if any) to the property and to determine the need for preventative maintenance.

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