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It is necessary for the City to obtain additional right-of-way from the property owner, usually a small strip of land. Therefore, the region would belong to the City, not the landowner. Acquisition of properties would only take place after a thorough design and planning process that identifies whether it is essential.

Property Acquisition: Understanding the Process

An overview of property acquisition

The process of buying a piece of property is intended to be fair, clear, and understandable. Check out the procedures when your property is acquired.

Valuation and compensation

The procedure for acquiring property is intended to be fair, clear, and simple to comprehend. See the procedures followed when your property is purchased.


Our premium short-term rental management service confirms luring more potential guests to your vacation outlet.

Our Acquisitions Services Provides You

Incorporating Properties

We can locate the best investment opportunities and strategically position them to create the most value for our clients’ thanks to Legacy Partners’ deep market expertise and highly skilled local partners.

Renovating Properties 

The management team at Legacy Partners has an advantage when it comes to refurbishing multifamily properties assets since they have years of experience and understand the local market. 

Rebranding Properties and Repositioning

A rise in rent. reduced costs less complex management. Each and every owner desires it. However, not all businesses have the same success rates as Legacy Partners. We’re in a wonderful position to reposition, to put it simply.

Assessment and Due Diligence

Legacy Partners’ decision-makers select opportunities carefully, relying on the in-depth local expertise of partners and associates operating in our key areas. The fact that we have occasionally been active in the same markets for close to 50 years is undoubtedly beneficial. 

We rigorously investigate every community we buy, going through the following steps:

  1. Analysis of the economy and financial viability
  2. environmental analysis
  3. development of the operating and capital budgets
  4. checking for government and zoning compliance
  5. assessing the prospects for repositioning
  6. inspecting the state of the properties
  7. market research
  8. Budgeting for capital projects

Why Property Acquisitions Occur

Number 1

Projects involving roads or utilities need space to work

Number 3

Work on a sidewalk ramp

Number 2

Improvements to the drainage

Number 4

Growth and development in the economy

Real Estate Acquisitions: How Does It Work?

A simple definition of an acquisition in the context of real estate is when a seller approaches or is contacted by a professional in the field of acquisitions to discuss the specifics of the properties acquisition. Though the motive to sell is harmful when buying real estate, the reasons why acquisitions happen can differ. Usually, the seller is interested in selling or eventually realizes the advantages of selling.

The property is purchased through the acquisition process by the acquiring party for the agreed-upon sum from the seller. The equity party of the property typically represents a higher portion of the value, however this is not always the case. But how much equity is invested determines how beneficial an acquisition will be. Because it gives professionals a smaller debt, more equity draws more acquisitions.

Why Is It Important?

Optimizing the solution design and incorporating the current state of the real estate industry are crucial. Real estate taxes created by other foreign countries or regions are also very advantageous to us. The process of enhancing properties in real estate now requires an optimized design solution. Although every firm has different requirements, optimization is a multidimensional process that requires both managing each site’s particular operations and reviewing a portfolio as a whole to find ways to reduce costs.

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