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Let’s Invest In Furnished Serviced Apartment

The term “Furnished serviced apartment” refers to a completely furnished, standalone home that may be rented for both short or long periods of time. It may offer services akin to those provided by hotels, such as regular inspection and entrance to the building’s amenities, such as the gym, pool, and spa, if any. Serviced apartments are frequently found inside of residential structures, and they may or may not have personnel working there. As a result, the operator will make arrangements to greet visitors upon arrival, provide a safety deposit box, or in certain cases, provide keyless entrance.

Serviced Apartments: Are They Worth It?

As you’ll see, serviced apartments offer excellent value. Once you have a network of them, it’s simple to generate a good monthly income which you can use to keep investing. They are an excellent addition to any investment area and may even be helpful for individuals looking to increase income from their current portfolio. A well-positioned and maintained furnished serviced apartment can provide a profit due to its higher rental yield, lower chance of downtime, and growing appeal among corporate travelers and expats.

serviced apartment

Our Furnished Serviced Apartment Services

Our Furnished serviced apartments provide privacy and convenience, which is why travelers who are living in a place for a longer period of time find them to be so appealing. Even individuals traveling for a very brief time may select serviced apartments if they would like more room and the option to prepare their own meals.

  • Strategic location
  • Independent apartments
  • Nearby restaurants, gyms, and shopping centers
  • All utilities, including water and power
  • No cost Wi-Fi
  • A fully functional kitchen
  • TV-equipped living room
  • Towels and bed linens
  • Shower & washing machine in the bathroom
  • Availability of a 24-hour hotline
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Why You Choose Our Services

The main factors that influence your decision to use our services should interest your attention if you’re thinking about investing in our real estate strategy.

1. Size: As we’ve already mentioned, furnished serviced apartments provide a home-like atmosphere that is impossible to find in a hotel, but it’s also vital to note that they will be significantly larger.

2. Value: Due to prices that are often about 20% cheaper than those of an identical hotel stay, guests frequently recognize the value in furnished serviced apartments.

3. Flexibility: One of the reasons serviced apartments are so well-liked is their ability to accommodate visitors’ individual schedules. It is possible to cook anytime you want.

You May Feel At Home There

Nowadays, especially business travelers are searching for alternate lodging options to have a more comfortable stay when they are away from home. You will value the benefits of a furnished serviced apartment if you are a business executive who routinely travels light and stays in standard hotel rooms. They provide you the flexibility to act exactly as you would at home, giving you room, privacy, and comfort with your own environment. After finishing work in the sitting room, throwing your workout attire in the washing machine, and relaxing in your bedroom to watch Netflix, you may prepare your personal meals in the kitchen.

If You Are Looking For A Place To Invest Then Serviced Apartment Is The Right Choice For You. We’ll Assist You In This Process. Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us.

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