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When heading forward to establish your real estate empire in Bangladesh, or in any nations in the world, you must keep in mind the property taxation process in that nation. In Bangladesh chapter, we can lead you to the best tax management solutions in real estate field.

Tax Management & Aspects of PTM

Tax management and tax planning; especially personal income tax often gets complicated for many individuals upon whom taxation is validated. So, there are several aspects one needs to consider first before investing in any business, which in our case, real estate business. Let us discover some remarkable parts of personal taxation for an individual in Bangladesh.

About Tax Compliances

  • Due Date Acknowledgement: A clear acknowledgment about tax return due date; which is generally 30th of every November month of the year Tax year-end date which is typically at June 30th of each year.
  • Personal tax Compliances: Compliances are in no way different for both local and foreign payees. However, there is a slight difference. The foreign investor needs to add an extra work permit and SB & NSI clearance certificate.
  • Penalties and compensations: Failing to submit the income tax on-time will result in penalties. A payee has to count 10% of the last paid tax amount as compensation for delayed tax return in Bangladesh.

Our Expert’s Suggestions

” Providing long-term tax services for clients. During our professional timeline, we came across various regulatory complexities, but have solved each case with flying success. Presently we are significantly more ingenious, gifted, and sure about this specific field.”

” Regardless of whether you are a neighborhood investor or an abroad one, we significantly propose help you in tax compliances. We guarantee you superior tax diligence all through your expert excursion in Bangladesh.”

So, why delaying till the end? Give us the advantage to unravel your personal taxation mess.

Our Services In Tax Management Process

We have years of experience in the taxation field. Not only we deal with property tax, but take care of client’s personal tax filing and management too. Our tax, VAT, and compliance team is expert in dealing with the following commercial activities:

  • Tax Planning: Individual income tax wanting to maintain a strategic distance from big tax outflow
  • Tax Compliance: Keeping in account tax compliance, and preparation.
  • Avoid Penalties: Scheduled or on-time tax filing to avoid penalties.
360-Degree Analysis in Finance
360 degree analysis

When saying 360 degree analysis, we meant a complete service package to help you establish a strong real estate platform in the industry.

Industrial Agent services
Industrial Acquisition

Get the premium industrial property acquisition service from our professional team in the real estate industry of Bangladesh.

Strategic Advisory & Valuations in Finance
Strategic advisory & valuations

We have an answer for all strategic solutions to implement capital structure and an in-depth analysis of your current property market value.

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