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In corporate industry, local entrepreneurs, foreign delegates or even project employees often seek for urban benefits and amenities. We at, are ready with superb services and innovative add-ons in the field of facilities management in Bangladesh.

A vital factor in any real estate or property project comprise of facility management. Many may confuse this management process with project management process; but the fact is that they are different and facility management in a project is very specific and focused. Unlike property or real estate management, which includes general managing activities in a property, facility management rather focuses on person involved with the project. The involvement can be direct or passive.

For instance, you can be a foreign or native owner ready to launch a project in certain area, for that you might need day to day amenities and transport facilities nearby the project. You might also need office space and urban facilities during your whole stay period or you may also choose to provide employee facilities for each and every staffs working for your throughout the whole property project construction and completion phase. When such necessity arises, undertaking reputed facility management service is the most convenient option for you.

facilities management intro

Key points at a glance

  • Facility management deals with responsible individuals involved with the real estate projects rather than project itself.
  • This facilitates project owner, stakeholders, and even labors under company requirements.
  • Assist overseas investors who wants to operate a project remotely from his/her own country.
  • It is an interdisciplinary¬† service that creates coordination between stakeholders and facilities in a project
  • Facility management emphasizes all user experiences throughout the contract session.
Roles of facilities management infographic
Roles of facilities management team

Agents and managing individuals in facility module plays the biggest role in facility management business. Without a skilled manager in relevant field, we cannot conduct any relevant tasks properly. Let’s see what roles a typical facility manager conducts at professional stage:

  • Ensures the day to day facilities received by clients as per contract
  • Arranges vendors and search for sources to provide readily available facilities.
  • Manages a listing of commercial as well as residential properties needed by clients
  • Ensures basic needs such as urban amenities, housekeepers, commutes etc. are available
  • Makes sure flawless communication facilities at commercial as well as residential level.
  • Undertakes necessary facilities allocated for staffs working in the real estate project.
  • Supervises multiple interdisciplinary groups for a synchronized facility service.
  • Allocates and manages budget to minimize excess expenses.

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Our facilities management services for you

  • We provide facilities service in two distinct levels; for domestic investor and for overseas investors.
  • Our facility service further branches its professional activities as per hierarchy level of the company.
  • We have rich collection of properties and premises that can meet your residential and commercial needs.
  • Be it a director, corporate managers or labors, we provide facilities at every level of your real estate project.
  • We confirm residential and commercial amenities to the highest level on a day to day basis for our valued clients.
  • We assist business relocations and helps in shifting office premises and by providing necessary labors in field
  • Unlike other competitors, we don’t end up just listing down the demands but also pledged to meet those.
  • We deploy highly-skilled assistants and accountants at personal as well as professional platform.
  • We listen, analyze and execute any new demands made by our clients with highest priority.
Our services in facilities management
Benefits of facilities management
  • Establish an effective network of vendors providing various facilities
  • Takes care of the needs of stakeholders in the real estate project.
  • Manages staff efficiency and day to day requirements.
  • Facilitates finance sector by minimizing excess expenses.
  • Bespoke services for personnel at different designations.
  • Ensure wellbeing and safety of the premises holders.
  • Ensures all peripheral facilities that facilitate high officials in their office hours.
  • Ensures meeting domestic necessities of high officials outside their professional zone.
Benefits of facilities management

Context summery

Considering present corporate diversifications, the needs of professional facilities management service is eminent. It is indeed a useful sector in business that benefits overseas investors running their business in this country. Need not to say that facilities management not only is beneficial for foreign investors in the corporate world, but also prove an effective services at domestic level. holds the market leading position in almost every field of real estate service in Bangladesh.  With that reputation in the bucket list, we have brought to you a flawless facilities management service for real estate investors. Our management team in this particular zone goes through constant market research and analysis process to improve the facility that runs parallel with the current market trends and demands.

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