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An efficient project management in the real estate business is incomplete without a proper procurement team in the field. We brought to you state of the art procuring facilities for your real estate project.

Procuring team in property business

An inevitable segment of real estate comes with the hand of the procuring team. Here the team overviews material incoming and outgoing process to and from the project. The procurement team also keeps an account of the expenditures and purchases of materials from the vendor level.

In the end, this particular batch of your real estate business maintains the overall transactional records of the raw material and amenities for the project under development. There are several tasks a procurement team has to undertake in a real estate project. We will get introduced to some of the tasks here forth.

Procuring team intro
Key points at a glance
  • Procurement is an undetachable segment of the real estate business.
  • This sector in the business takes in account all the purchase and supply chain activities.
  •  It establish liaison between material vendors and suppliers in the market.
  • Billing activities including monitoring resource allocations and material usage.
Functionalities of Procuring team
Functionalities of Procuring team

Functionalities of a general procuring team

MONITORING PURCHASE- Typical procurement team takes in account all material purchase process in a project

ENFORCING POLICIES- Helps in implementing material purchasing policies set by the higher authorities.

RECORD KEEPING- Typical team keeps standard record of raw material usage and labor deployed.

DATA MANAGEMENT- It is a core responsibility of a procurement team to manage material, and labor data.

SUPPLIER LIAISON- Maintaining strong network with suppliers and vendors falls under their task list.

BUDGET PLANNING- Deals with cost evaluation that involves total supply chain and cost analysis.

Duties of our procurement team

The procurement team of pledged to fetch for you the top-notched procurement solutions your real estate venture demands in Bangladesh. With that commitment in line, our team is always standby with specialized services as follows:

  • Swift material purchase & disbursement
  • Daily budget allocation & distributions
  • procurement Planning & bill allocations
  • Daily labor management & payments
  • reaching & connecting potential vendors
  • Negotiating & buying quality products
  • Supply chain record keeping & updating
  • Inspect and review of supplied materials
  • Skilled to work with latest procurement software
Our activities in offshore management
Automation process in procuring team

Bringing sustainability with automated procuring process

Redundancy and stagnancy cannot be an option when thinking of real estate business. When it comes of long term property venture, sustainability has to be kept under consideration. We understand this fact and designed our procuring team accordingly.

Our team is well skilled with the latest automated industry leading procurement software. We know how technology is progressing over time, and we like to be adaptive with this timeline. Therefore, our team of procurements is also tech savvy. As a result of deploying tech in this field, our business outcome is faster, more reliable and error free.

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