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Commercial Banking Investment Template

Dear [Mr./Ms.] [Manager’s Name],————————–

My name is J. H. , and I’m writing to David Blair & Company in support of my application for the post of Investment Banking Associate.

Even though I have the foundational information needed to succeed as an investment banker thanks to my Bachelor’s degree in finance and my Master’s degree in business administration, my two and a half years at LTA Inc have considerably advanced my knowledge.

I have made a significant contribution to 6 M&A agreements worth more than $3.8 billion over the previous two years as an analyst at LTA Inc.’s M&A business, serving as the primary analyst in three of these deals.

I was responsible for managing pitch books and making sure that all stakeholders, both internal and external, had the information they required at the appropriate time in addition to being heavily involved in valuation and financial modeling for these agreements.

My superiors have commended me for the clarity and attention to detail in my reports, particularly my executive summaries.

One of the MDs called my executive summary for a significant M&A deal for $1.3 billion the best-written report he had seen in years.

I write even the smallest reports or updates with the utmost care since I recognize how important data and reports are in helping people make decisions.

My network building and interpersonal abilities are a further aspect of my character that I’d like to emphasize.

I am pleased with my ability to interact with coworkers, whether they be peers or superiors, as well as clients, both actual and potential, in an efficient manner.

In fact, only 10 months into my analyst career, I was the first in my company to be given a summer intern to help with my work.

This is evidence of how easily I adapted to my position and of my manager’s confidence in my capacity for people management.

I applied for the post you offered because I felt like I was now prepared for a more significant role in a bigger company.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in person or online as soon as possible.

My phone number is (phone number)……………………………., and (email)………………………………..



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