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Commercial Property Investment: We Provide Advisory Service

Finding a bid price to submit for tenders was difficult due to the commercial property’s mixed investment and development prospects and a lack of local sales data that could be used as a comparison.

If your bid price is too low, you won’t get the chance. If the price is too high, you will pay more than the next highest bidder.

RealEstateBD was hired to offer advice on purchasing commercial real estate, offer strategic acquisition guidance, carry out initial due diligence on the property, investigate recent and similar transactions to estimate a market value range, and offer recommendations on a bid price and bidding strategy.

About The Client:

Our Client: Nahiyan Islam

Type of Business: Business Man

Location: Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Client Overview: 

“We were seeking a house in Dhakan to move our head office. We were eager to locate a property that offered greater expansion or investment possibilities than what we needed for our company.

Over the course of the previous twelve months, we had submitted bids on two different houses. Both proposals had been rejected. When a different acceptable home became available, we enlisted assistance to assess the situation and create our offer.

We found it challenging to predict where and how to frame our offer in 2021 because the real estate market was continually shifting. Three tenants were using the structure, and there was some unoccupied ground that might have been developed to our specifications.

Since this was going to be a big acquisition for our business, it was challenging for us to choose what level our offer should be. Due to the mandatory acquisition of our existing facility, we had to be successful in our purchase effort.

We had already seen the buildings and were pleased with what we saw, but we didn’t want to depend exclusively on the information we would learn from the sales representatives.

Our Solution:

RealEstateBD assisted by researching properties and comparable sales in the area. This vital information saved money of Nahiyan Islam initial price estimate was higher than what he purchased the property for. 

RealEstateBD gathers information that allows him to create an idea of value and consider next steps with the property after the purchase is complete.

During our meeting, the day before he made his offer, he discussed his ideas for the property and got a better understanding of the sellers’ motivations and what we might be looking for in an offer beyond pure amount.

How Did They Profit From Us?

  1. A material other than a formation agent
  2. Realistic advice on how to manage their business
  3. Address service AND business creation in one place
  4. Protecting their address
  5. Affordable mail delivery
  6. Excellent customer service for handling business inquiries 
  7. FREE advice both before and after the purchase
Final Words

RealEstate allowed Nahiyan Islam to have a clear understanding of where and how to present his proposition. Knowing that the information he got from us was for his use only and wasn’t swayed by anyone else’s needs was fantastic. On any future transactions he can complete with us.

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