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The parties desire to enter into this legally binding Investor Agreement, hereinafter occasionally referred to as “Agreement,” on this______________________ day of____________________, _________________20 (also referred to in this document as the “Effective Date”). 

The parties are specified below and are also referred to as “Investors” in this document.









  1. The Parties are the only Management, Officers, Executives, Board, and Directors of the Company, a [state] Company, as well as the Company’s complete Investor(s).
  2. This Investor Agreement is a legally enforceable document that outlines provisions for the management, execution, and control of the Company’s operations, including (a) business management, (b) division of assets in liquidation, (c) disposal of shares, and (d) assessment and distribution of dividends.

The parties designated as “Investor(s)” and the Company are bound by the terms of this Agreement, which is valid for all successors, executors, heirs, administrators, and assigns. 

All clauses and terms are only enforceable if they are not invalidated by any statute, whether it be current or future, and it is governed by the laws of______________________________.

These pages, of which this is the last, constitute the whole content of the Agreement. This Agreement may not be amended or canceled except by a written instrument signed by all parties hereto.

 Company Management

A . [ _________________________________ ] Directors.

Each investor joins the company’s board of directors as a director if they are elected.

  1. Power or authority.

The Board of Directors shall perform the following during the term of this Agreement:

  1. As required by law, I maintain accounting of the Company’s current assets to the best of my ability.
  2. Make it mandatory to distribute a “Quarterly Report.” Sending the Quarterly Report to the not later than 30 calendar days following the end of the previous fiscal quarter to the investor(s).

These profits and dividends will be identified using such a report.

III. The Directors must submit the Articles of Incorporation and any other certifications, acts, or orders mandated by law.

  1. The Directors are responsible for upholding the statute-mandated upkeep of records, books, and papers.
  2. The Directors are required to ensure that the Company is run within the parameters of ethical corporate conduct.

C | The Company’s managing executive officer shall be the Chief Executive.

As a result, the CEO will oversee and maintain all corporate activities, including the following:

D | The Chief Operating Officer will be responsible for the following tasks: E | The Chief Financial Officer will be responsible for the following tasks:

The Chief will carry out the following responsibilities:

| The Chief                                              will perform the following duties:


Executed in this [City, State/Province, Country]____________________________________

English is the sole language used. Signed,


Signature Name, Date Signature Name, Date
Signature Name, Date Signature Name, Date
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Signature Name, Date Signature Name, Date
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