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Passive income and its market value

Abstract: Passive income is about finding a source of income for the present and the future from business thinking without being directly involve in anything.

If we want to say in simpler language –A rented property, Limited income by keeping money in the bank. Earnings from a limited partnership or other enterprise where an individual is not directly involved.

People choose the media of passive income:

Nowadays passive income is mostly choice option of people all over the world. Globally people choose the increase their income. Market climate changing day by day people income rate is increasing because people are choose sources.

Media of passive income:

Passive income is an additional income that we all know people are commonly choose sources for extra income. There are Manny media people are currently use those media are like affiliate marketing, digital marketing. SEO, online property buy those media also have the market place. Market place likely choose where people can sell their photography. Truelancer where people can apply for online job, Upwork where people can find their valuable work. There are some other market places. place is like SEO analytical place. But big source of market place come from affiliated marketing.

Consequence of study:

We learn about the source and how in influence the market climate and also, we get knowledge about passive income media where we cand work and also know about the market place where we can find work. Educates the people income sources. They increase people income rate. And also change the economic growth of a country.

Research and Written By: Md.Sazzad Hossain

Business Analyst


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