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Real Estate Cover Letter Template

Your Name


Real Estate Agent


Mailing Address


Phone Number


Email Address




Hiring Manager Name


Company Name

Mailing Address

Dear [Hiring Manager Name],

It was very exciting to see that you had an opening within your department _______________ 

[ Company Name].  I increased the client base of ____________________by 15% and 25% for two consecutive years. Through this achievement, the first year’s closings increased by 12%, followed by an increase of 16% by Q4. As a member of the _____________________ team, I am confident that I can achieve similar results.

You’re seeking for a driven team member that enjoys working with people, according to the job description.

My achievements show that I’d be a great fit for your position:

Inspiring individuals: Incessantly kept up with the latest tools of the trade, sought new methods, and closely followed current market trends to become the go-to person for 45 fellow associates.

Excellent team player: I volunteered to teach 17 new employees and three groups of five interns how to use Hootsuite, Trello, DocuSign, and Salesforce.

Personality type: Relationships were created and nurtured by actively contacting people and organizations through channels like social networking, open house visits, trade exhibitions, and conferences.

The prospect of working with such a recognized and experienced group as _______________. Can we arrange a meeting to talk about how I can use my skills and knowledge to increase your presence in ____________________ still further ? 

Best Regards,

Your Name, Real Estate Agent

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