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Real Estate Investment Service In Bangladesh

How To Establish A Property Investment Business At Real Estate?

Real estate investment is the practice of purchasing real estate as an investment rather than as a main residence. It can be simply defined as any land, structure, piece of infrastructure, or other tangible asset that is often immobile yet transportable.

Key Message:  Over the preceding two decades, real estate has contributed about 8.24 percent to Bangladesh’s overall GDP. In 2016–17, the investment ratio increased to 30.27 percent.

Being capable of generating wealth through appreciation, equity development, and inflation hedging is one of the many benefits of real estate investing. Additionally, it might supply cash flow through investment income from rental homes.

The Effect Of Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is a crucial one with numerous economic multipliers. The real estate sector creates the most jobs after the food and apparel sectors. The real estate sector is heavily reliant on a number of other businesses, including cement, tiles, sanitary ware, cables and electric lines, paint, glassware and steel, brick, building supplies, etc. Over the past two decades, real estate has contributed about 8.24 percent to Bangladesh’s overall GDP.

The Classification Of Real Estate 

  1. Real Estate : Real estate used for a residence, such as a single, duplex, triplex, townhouse, bungalow, etc., is referred to as residential real estate whether it’s a newly built property or a home that the owner plans to sell again.
  2. Manufacturing: Manufacturing property investment includes any huge property used to construct factories, industrial plants, warehouses, distribution centers, etc.
  3. Commercial Real Estate: A complex of properties or office complexes is divided up into numerous little units. These are utilized to operate different enterprises or are rented out.
  4. Commercial Facilities: These properties are employed as single units or several units in prime locations like showrooms, restaurants, shopping centers, retail stores, etc.
  1. Property: Any undeveloped area of land used for ranching or farming is also a type of real estate.
  2. Fix and resell Properties: The term “fix and rehabilitate properties” refers to investment apartments that are in disrepair and are offered for sale at a low cost.

Let’s  Know Each Of The Aspects Of Investment In Real Estate Individually

  1. Profitable Returns
    When it comes to real estate investment , we can state that expecting profitable returns necessitates significant planning and financial investment.
  2. Tangible
    Real estate is one of the investments that has a physical existence that can be touched or seen, making it a tangible investment.
  3. Resilient To Inflation
    Investments in real estate can be profitable when economic inflation has a detrimental effect on the worth of other investments.
  4. Provides Financial Institutions
    These are drawn to financing for real estate due to its physical existence, or use of leverage.
  5. Variable Maturity Period
    Unlike other assets like fixed deposits and bonds, real estate does not have a definite maturity period.

5 Ways To Earn Money By Real Estate Investment

The Following List Represents The Real Estate Investment Strategies: 

  1. Property Value Appreciation: Since property values typically rise even when the economy is experiencing inflation, property investment is a smart move.
  2. Rentals Income: Leasing out real estate, whether it be commercial or residential is always a smart move that will eventually result in a steady passive income.
  3. Related Commission: By assisting in the exchange of properties between the buyer and seller, real estate management organizations.
  4. Income Through Supplemental Real Estate Investment: In addition to normal income from a job or a business, one can create a source of extra income using a variety of strategies.
  5. Property Investment Trusts : In Bangladesh  individuals who want to participate in real estate but lack the necessary funds can purchase units of  real-estate investment trusts that are listed on the stock exchange.


The Drawbacks of Real Estate Investment

In Economy Real estate has various restrictions that are addressed below when it is a successful investment. Investing in real estate entails purchasing a physical asset and incurring maintenance costs. The investor must also control the amount of money that is so produced. Purchasing and selling real estate is an expensive process. The cost of the transaction, which includes register fees, legal costs, diverting business, and other costs, is so high that it raises the homeowner’s cost of investment.

Focus Points 

  1. Platforms for property investment fundraising are a good option for investors who want to get more involved.
  2. Instead of investing in huge, generalized portfolios of properties, several of these online platforms allow real estate development business projects.
  3. Platforms for real estate crowdfunding combine funds from numerous investors to finance construction projects.

Here Are The Essential Tips For Real Estate Investment

  1. Cooperation or Coordination
    If an investor doesn’t have enough capital to invest in a property that could turn out to be a money maker in the future.
  2. Utilize Borrowing
    Even borrowing money from a bank or even other financial organization for advances and advances is an option.
  3. Where The Property Is Located
    People typically search for properties that sound enticing to them and are well managed. However, one should pay more attention to the location of the property rather than how it looks.

To Sum Up

We have a substantial market working with us throughout the real estate sector. Our customer is made up of a wide variety of people. However, a sizable number of international teams are frequently on our customer list. They are frequent portfolio managers and private investors. We also offer support to persons in need who are involved in contentious property issues.

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